Friday, May 28, 2010

How to get your blog off the ground

My lil sis has a blog!! Her venturing into the world of blogging has inspired me to write a little post on how to get your blog from a start-up blog to something a bit more established. Sending your posts into the great unknown for who-knows-what random person to read is okay, but blogging with friends is so much more fun. Making friends in the blog world is easy to do!
Now I can't give any advice on how to become a big-time blogger and I certainly can't offer any tips on how to make money blogging, that's for sure. However as someone who has been blogging (on and off) for the past five years and as someone who has taken my bog from about 30 hits a week to over 300 hits a week in just a couple months, I've got a few little tips to help you get started with your blog!

  1. Before you do anything else, before you even finish reading this post do this: create a signature for your emails with a link to your blog. I did this when I first started blogging and would often have random acquaintances mention having read my blog when they would see me. Every time it happened was a happy moment for me. Do it. Do it now.
  2. The second very important this to do is to make sure that your blogger profile is public. Blogger allows you to add as much or as little information as you want so there is no privacy issue here, but it's very important for your profile to be public. This allows people to click over to your blog from comments that you leave... more about that later. Make sure that you have at least a link to your blog on your profile and make sure that your photo is really good and represents what your blog is about.
  3. Another important this to do is to change the look of your blog. Even if all you do is use the Blogger widgit to change the colors of your blog and install a new header that is much better than a Blogger Template. You can get yours at Shabby Blogs, Aqua Poppy, The Cutest Blog on the Block & Blogaholic and I'm sure there sure lots of others but those will have something to get you started for sure. Your blog will look so much more inviting and be more memorable after you've done this.
  4. Now, to get some wind beneath your wings and some people visiting your blog, join a link-up. The first time I linked up I got more visits on that one day then I usually got in an entire week! It's easy and fun, browsing through my blog you'll find several link-ups that I participate in regularly. I Heart Faces is a good one, I LOVE the Pixel Perfect Before & After and there are many many many more, depending on the genre of your blog and what you like to post about.  
  5. After you've linked up, visit the other participants in the link up and leave a comment. This directly relates to what I was saying earlier about your blogger profile being public. Once you've left that comment others will come behind and click on your comment to view your blog, it's the best way to build your readership and start making friends. Also if someone leaves a comment on your blog, it's nice to comment on their blog. Remember that the more genuine and thoughtful your comment is the more meaningful it will be to the blogger and will make more of an impact on those who are also reading their blog.
  6. Learn to use the Google "Follow" function, Google Reader or some other rss reader so you can easily keep up with your friendly fellow-bloggers. I view my blog reader as one of the tabs of my home page. It is WAY easier than trying to remember to visit each friend.
  7. You might want to load a Site Meter onto your blog. I get a weekly email that tells me how many visitors have come to my blog. I love it.
  8. Post regularly - at least a couple times a week. Otherwise people kind of forget you're there.
  9. Remember that at the end of the day, it's not just about building the number of hits on your blog, it's about building community. Do what works for you. Have fun. Get inspired!
Well, I hope that this helps you out a bit- happy long weekend y'all!!

How did you get your blog started?


  1. hello,
    I'm a first time reader here and these are great advices. I have to agree with you completely on the linkups. How else did you think I found you? LOL!! Will definitely start to follow you. Thanks!

  2. Good tips! Building community is so important, as is quality content. :)

  3. GlowinGirl- you are SO right. Quality content is SO important!!! Thanks!

  4. It's fun to see how you grew your blog! I'd also say having good pictures on your blog is a must :)Have a great weekend, Faith!

  5. Faith, you're so right. All of these things are important, especially quality content. It took me forever to learn about linking up. As soon as I did, I started meeting so many like-minded people it was amazing.

  6. Great post!! I too, like your sister am new too this whole bloogging thing...and have not yet set up a link to e-mail...I will do that next! I started a blog for my son to help pick up sponsors for his racing passion and then decied to give it a try far I am a little discourge...but not about to give up...I do LOVE your blog!!
    Could you post a link to your sisters blog so we could link up to her too? My sons blog is:

  7. Great tips. I never really thought of including a link from an email signature. Excellent idea! And I'm thinking I might tip a few newbie friends off to this post since it's always a bit tough when you're just getting started.

  8. Spittin Toad - the link to my sister's blog is at the begining of the post. Here is a link to her blog

  9. Thank you! I feel more confident about blogging and I'm excited about giving my little blog a makeover :-)

  10. Thank you for your tips! I love this post! I'm still trying to get my blog off the ground and it's not going so well so far but these tips will help me :) I'm your newest follower too - everything here is lovely!

  11. Great tips. Somehow I feel more comfortable knowing strangers read my blog than people I know. It may be time to get over that. I'm excited to try a link-up. Thanks.

  12. Thank you! I went through did most of the suggested items... I really appreciate it...Newbie question: is "linking up" the same thing as participating in a photo challenge?


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