Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Golden Oldie

Chelsey at the paper mam is doing her photography challenge and the theme is curiosity. There are some super cute submissions! You've just got to check them out. I've been thinking about the theme all week, wondering how I would capture the theme with my kids, then I remembered this photo back from 2002. It's a film photograph that I scanned in on a very dust scanner. I don't even know where the original is. Here it is: curiosity

Over at In a Yellow House the Photo Challenge this week is PETS! We have been so blessed in the pets we have had as a family. Our favorite pet was Lucy - this photo was taken back in 2004 and it is of my Beth & Emma when they were about 2&3 years old.

I was browsing through my photos on Flickr and found so many wonderful photos of her. Here is another one of my favorites that I couldn't resist posting. It's my husband Daniel, taking a rest on a Sunday afternoon after church with Lucy nestled beside him. Doesn't he look relaxed?


  1. Great choices! I love your daughters with the dog! It's times like that you can't love your dog enough!

    Love the curiousity photo too... I am struggling with that one. But still thinking of something to play along with!

  2. Both of those pictures are awesome!!

  3. I love both of these photos! The curiosity photo is wonderful!

  4. The pic with your kids and the dog is just wonderful.

  5. the girls on the dog is absolutely precious!


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