Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a penny for your thoughts?

the theme is black and white
And here are a couple other photos

The oldest penny we found: 1940


  1. great shots.
    the b&w really fits the nostalgic feeling :)

    good luck!


  2. These are great! Love the one with your daughter holding out her hand. Thanks for joining in! Happy Wednesday!

  3. I haven't stopped to look at the date on a coin since I was a kid. My duaghter found a penny today on our walk, and shame on me, I told her to put it down. I'm going to take her on that same walk tomorrow, and if the penny isn't there, I'm going to toss one ahead when she isn't looking and let her pick it up :)

    Wonderful pictures.

  4. thanks for stopping by :)

    and the photo you asked about was just a polaroid look-a-like with a yellow coloring....

  5. I like the penny idea for black and white.

  6. Love this! Like the title you gave it too!
    I got inspired by you and linked up my post too:)

  7. Ohh thats lovely! Its so beautiful
    I have joined in too.. do visit me


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