Monday, May 31, 2010

there's something about summer time

I don't know what it is about the summer that gets to me. I make it all the way through flu season with barely a sniffle, sumemer hits and I fall like a leaf during drought season. On Saturday I walked around in a haze with a blanket wrapped around my shoulders and a tissue always at the ready. Thankfully it only lasted a day, and thankfully Josiah is feeling better and no longer has a fever, just a bit of a cough, Katie-Abigail seems to be coming down with the same thing, so I'm hopeful that we just cought a little virus and have nothing serious to worry about.
Needless to say Saturday was one of those days when the kids watched a deplorable amount of TV and the kids ate lunchmeat cheese strings and corn chips for dinner.

I attempted to photograph something for the photo challenge at Paper Mama, which didn't really work.

time for bed!
On Sunday I slept in - which did my aching head a world of good. Daniel wanted to take the kids to she the new Shrek movie, they all wanted to go so with very low expectations we went to the movies - it was only Josiah's second time at a movie theater. Amazingly the kids all behaved fantastically. I wanted to take a nap, but they were all happy.

clouds outside the movie theater

We went to the bookstore to drink coffee and hang out, the little ones like playing with the train set . I could easily drop $100 there but I usually walk out with nothing, like yesterday.
What have you been up to this weeked?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Randomness

Happy Friday and Happy long weekend to ya! Josiah started running a fever, so our plans for the long weekend have gone out the window. I'm hoping that he doesn't have pneumonia again, he has a raspy cough and has a funny voice.

Here is a photo from the last time he had it:
See the little band-aid on his finger from where the doctor drew blood? Poor little guy.

I was going to schedule this post for Saturday but then I rememberd that I wanted to link up with Andrea's Caffinated Randomness so here ya go. I've been collecting these links for y'all all week long.

I ran across the Our Mommyhood webiste the other day on it they have a short directory of memes and link-ups for every day of the week! never be without a link up ever again!

The neatest blog. Here is her main blog. beautiful!

A super-awesome blog for artists of every kind

{ credit }
I started following the maternal lense this week - I just had to share this with y'all. Click over to the post to see more AMAZING photography! Click on the "credit" and be inspired!

Emily is doing a neat daily photo challenge! Check it out.

My kids watched The Backyardigans: Robot Repairman the other day and I am sold - the music (in my opinion)is some of the best on kids TV.

Last but not least I wanted to share a game site that my girls have all been enjoying. American Girls Games None of my kids have the dolls but tthey all enjoy the games. The music is pretty and calming and the games are cute.

p.s. found this blog with neat hints on blogging
and don't forget about this week's photography challenge!!

How to get your blog off the ground

My lil sis has a blog!! Her venturing into the world of blogging has inspired me to write a little post on how to get your blog from a start-up blog to something a bit more established. Sending your posts into the great unknown for who-knows-what random person to read is okay, but blogging with friends is so much more fun. Making friends in the blog world is easy to do!
Now I can't give any advice on how to become a big-time blogger and I certainly can't offer any tips on how to make money blogging, that's for sure. However as someone who has been blogging (on and off) for the past five years and as someone who has taken my bog from about 30 hits a week to over 300 hits a week in just a couple months, I've got a few little tips to help you get started with your blog!

  1. Before you do anything else, before you even finish reading this post do this: create a signature for your emails with a link to your blog. I did this when I first started blogging and would often have random acquaintances mention having read my blog when they would see me. Every time it happened was a happy moment for me. Do it. Do it now.
  2. The second very important this to do is to make sure that your blogger profile is public. Blogger allows you to add as much or as little information as you want so there is no privacy issue here, but it's very important for your profile to be public. This allows people to click over to your blog from comments that you leave... more about that later. Make sure that you have at least a link to your blog on your profile and make sure that your photo is really good and represents what your blog is about.
  3. Another important this to do is to change the look of your blog. Even if all you do is use the Blogger widgit to change the colors of your blog and install a new header that is much better than a Blogger Template. You can get yours at Shabby Blogs, Aqua Poppy, The Cutest Blog on the Block & Blogaholic and I'm sure there sure lots of others but those will have something to get you started for sure. Your blog will look so much more inviting and be more memorable after you've done this.
  4. Now, to get some wind beneath your wings and some people visiting your blog, join a link-up. The first time I linked up I got more visits on that one day then I usually got in an entire week! It's easy and fun, browsing through my blog you'll find several link-ups that I participate in regularly. I Heart Faces is a good one, I LOVE the Pixel Perfect Before & After and there are many many many more, depending on the genre of your blog and what you like to post about.  
  5. After you've linked up, visit the other participants in the link up and leave a comment. This directly relates to what I was saying earlier about your blogger profile being public. Once you've left that comment others will come behind and click on your comment to view your blog, it's the best way to build your readership and start making friends. Also if someone leaves a comment on your blog, it's nice to comment on their blog. Remember that the more genuine and thoughtful your comment is the more meaningful it will be to the blogger and will make more of an impact on those who are also reading their blog.
  6. Learn to use the Google "Follow" function, Google Reader or some other rss reader so you can easily keep up with your friendly fellow-bloggers. I view my blog reader as one of the tabs of my home page. It is WAY easier than trying to remember to visit each friend.
  7. You might want to load a Site Meter onto your blog. I get a weekly email that tells me how many visitors have come to my blog. I love it.
  8. Post regularly - at least a couple times a week. Otherwise people kind of forget you're there.
  9. Remember that at the end of the day, it's not just about building the number of hits on your blog, it's about building community. Do what works for you. Have fun. Get inspired!
Well, I hope that this helps you out a bit- happy long weekend y'all!!

How did you get your blog started?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's that time of year again

swim suit season
{{.....crickets chirping.....}}

Yes ladies, it's that time of year when we mothers quake in fear before the dressing room mirror and pray to God that we will be able to find something anything to wear to the pool. For years I've avoided it, some years I'd wear just shorts and a tank, some years I'd refuse to go anywhere near a pool/beach/lake.
I wish I knew why it is that the "best time" to buy a bathing suit is while we are all still shivering in our sweaters? I really don't get it. I never do. I find myself looking through the remnants wishing I'd remembered to shop for a swimsuit when they came out.

I got a really cute bathing suit last year in a super-adorable pattern - I highly recommend going for a suit with a busy pattern like the one in the photo - I've loved mine. But it is really too small and "the girls" just don't stay in the way the way they ought to, at least not while I'm chasing four kids around the pool and since I'm not nursing at all anymore they're kind of, well - floppy and need something more. The hubs offered to watch the kids so I could go tonight, so I took Emma with me and we hit Old Navy. Last year I wasted a whole night going from store to store and ended up getting last year's suit at Old Navy - so I skipped all of the "maybe I could get something cheaper somewhere else" thing this time around.

So I got something like this: mine is actually gray (which have you noticed - it's such a trendy color this summer?!) and is a halter tank top and I got a gray bottom to match. The rouching is AMAZING - it hides my post-baby bump wonderfully. I felt like I was wearing a swim suit version of some Hollywood red carpet gown! I'm going to stitch up the front a tiny bit, but it looks so nice. yay!

Pixel Perfect Before & After: Pink!





different texture

texture credits: Gina & tassiesim
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(thanks Chelsey for the heads-up on all the great links-ups!)
Linking up with: the paper mama, a beautiful mess, go graham go, jolly mom, seven clown circus, 5 minutes for mom, daily dose of toni, my organized chaoshobo mama, red lotus & wordless wednesday

Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Fingerprints

Today I'm linking up with Chelsey over at The Paper Mama - I do so love her blog! The theme for her photo challenge is "fingerprints" which is such an adorable theme, don't you think? I was looking through my archives and found dozens of cute photos I could have used - how do you ever pick?! This is a favorite of mine, from when Katie-Abigail was a baby.
I couldn't resist posting this one as well, of Josiah when he was just one week old. These are some of my favorite baby photos of him and the scrap book page is one of my favorite layouts. I customized it from a free kit on twopeas

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday: Whiteout

This is for Sweet Shot Tuesday at My 3 Boybarians! I've got way too many shots of Queen Anne's Lace to post all at once. But I'm gonna' anyway :)
Sweet Shot Day

(this photo is for sale as a print here)
Linkin' up with Trendy Treehouse too.

I took these for my photo challenge - the theme is "white" click here to play along too!
To purchase prints click here

Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Challenge: White

Here we go again! The winner of last week's challenge is Four Simply Living so please be sure to leave her a comment :) The theme this week is white! Please remember to link up with the URL of your photo POST. NOT the photo url alone. It must be in a post. That post must link back to my blog to be considered for the giveaway. You have until Saturday night to post your entry! The WINNER will get a preview copy of the photo book that I'm working on - sweet!
For tons more shots of the session that brought you the above photo click here! Can't wait to see your photos!!

random thoughts on a monday morning

"Mommy, what's that on your neck?" We were standing in line at the Goodwill - we go every week or two to scope out the book section, they have great books for just 99 cents, I love it - so I can't see anything. She is really persistant, "Mommy it looks like you have a bug on you." The nice lady at the register grabs a paper towel and offers to wipe it off for me, but it's not going anywhere, I'm like "this little sucker is biting onto me I'll get it when we get to the van. So we pay for our things and make a bee-line for the van, whe we get there I discover that there on my neck hanging on for dear life I have the biggest tick that I have ever seen. This is no little seed tick, later Daniel looked it up in his Pest Control reference book and it's some kind of mountain tick - so gross!
I high-tail it home, my neighbor, who is a nurse, tells me to light a match, blow it out, then hold the match close to the tick so that it will pull itself out. So that is what I try, at first I think it's not working and look around for my tweezers. I try the match again and it works!
I did "not" scream like a little girl while it craweled across my shoulder, I did "not" scream and jump up and down as I brushed it into the sink. I got it to crawl onto a cotton ball, which I put in a zip lock baggie and tucked away in the freezer. I was "not" fighting psychosumatic symptoms for the next two days, I do "not" freak out every time I feel a little tickle or itch because that is totally irrational - not me! I took a picture on my phone which I uploaded to Facebook.
Random thought #2 when I was at the goodwill I bought some extra large shirts that I'm going to try to re-purpose into dresses. This is the first time in a long time that I've tried to sew clothes, hopefully it'll work!
#3 The end of homeschooling is in sight! I hope that one day I'll be able to homeschool the kids again - when I don't have a busy preschooler underfoot - but I am SO looking forward to the kids starting school up in the fall. - I'm so done with all the drama.
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