Friday, April 16, 2010

our most recent "artwork" & weekend entertainment pick

This week I've been ruining on caffeine and sugar and cat naps while the kids watch TV. It's pure {unproductive} craziness around here! I'm SO glad that it's Friday and hope to get something done this weekend. Maybe a box unpacked or Beth's room cleaned out. She still has big cardboard boxes of who knows what labeled "toys" and "kids room" which I haven't yet touched.

This weekend I don't have a movie to recommend, (I haven't seen anything good this week - have you?) instead this weekend I recommend you load some episodes of FLASH FORWARD which are available to watch for free at Hulu or at
I enjoy occasionally watching entire seasons of TV shows in a week. I did that with Flash Forward a couple months ago and REALLY enjoyed it. It's not a show for the whole family, but it's not too gorey or sexy. Last night I watched a recent episode on Daniel's laptop in bed. It was great.

I love all the interpersonal relationships and how they are working out. I keep guessing at how and if the chick in the pic above (Janice) is going to get the baby she saw in her "flash forward", and wonder if Mark & Olivia's marriage is going to survive.
It is interesting to me to see how these different people are dramatically affected by their "flash" into the future and how we perceive our future will be affects how we live now.

When I was pregnant for the first time I imagined life with a daughter would be all sparkly stickers and chocolate chip cookie-making. It hasn't been quite like that but when I get those crafty foam craft and glitter moments I really cherish them.
We took a trip out to Old Navy and found a Michael's right next door! Where we picked up thirty dollars worth of sparkles, stickers and misc. gloriously crafty stuff. I'm such a sucker. But it'll give us something to do on the slow afternoons that we sometimes have, something that is, other than watch TV.

We {survived} finished our first week of homeschooling! It turns out that I like it, most of the time. I'm glad we got through this first week so well. I'll make some adjustments and try to keep the momentum (and motivation) for next week!

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