Friday, April 9, 2010



it sucks
it rocks
its not enough sleep at night
it's grumpy mornings
its i'm sorry for being grumpy with you
its cable not working
its the iTouch not connecting to the iHome properly either
its screaming at the technology in my home for overly-complicating my life
its mom's finally lost it looks from my kids
its we'll draw you six pictures each mommy
and snuggles from my snuggle-bug
its at Target
feeling totally overwhelmed
totally distracted
they don't have what I need
they have too many things that the kids and I want
its unhelpful old ladies in red who need to mind their own business
and friendly sweet ladies in red who welcomed us to the area and chatted up my girls while I try to get the boy under control
its a few moments of blissful silence while the kids watch something on demand - which strangely still works, even though PBS doesnt. strange.
its a fun and simple game of "catch the sprite bottle" with the boy after lunch, laughing and enjoying our moment together
its a beautifully drawn picture from my girls
its riding around trying to find a park, only to get stuck in Masters traffic, only to find a park (using my GPS) that only has one swing, one baby swing and one disgusting slide
its taking four very unhappy kids home
but cheering them up with freeze pops
which are perfect for eating out on the back deck on this perfect blue-sky day
its having a meal on hand from my godsend-friend to pop in the oven
its taking a walk with the boy on a perfect spring night
its listening to the little stream at the end of the road gurgle and flow
its my boy head-diving off of top-bunk beds and miraculously, not hurting himself.
its kids screaming - some are happy screams some are not-so-happy
its my boy breaking his sister's brand new bought-it-today piggy bank
and its sisters saying it was just a piggy bank
its photographing wild flowers in my tiny patch of green
and brothers and sisters putting dirt on each other's heads - yet another mess to clean up
its you got an iPad and spent how much money at the Apple Store?! never mind. I don't want to know.
its the boy, safe in Daddy's arms, snoring quietly
its renting Sherlock Holmes on demand - so easy and fast but is it worth five bucks?
its looking forward to a weekend with Daddy home, and not being the only parent all day long.
its this coffee in my hand
and a moment to look back at the day and write about it

its messy and terribly hard
and wonderfully rewarding
its crazy and its beautiful

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  1. the last three is....
    you nailed it :)
    and unhelpful old ladies? they don't sit well with me either :)


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