Monday, April 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY!! Photography Contest

Welcome to my first ever giveaway and blog hop! I am super excited about it and can't wait to see who links up and what kind of photos y'all post.
I know that I am always looking for inspiration and a little challenge to my photography. I really enjoyed getting this week's post ready - I hope you will too!
This week's theme is simplicity, scerenty... minimalism

minimalism is a single subject with negative space in the background, it is simple with minimal distractions, simple shapes. Check out this seach on Flickr to get inspired! Also check out *Cinnamon a lot of her photography is minimalist and very artistic not to mention she's extremely popular on Flickr.
The giveaway is a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks!!
♥ Please remember to link up with the url that goes directly to your post or Flickr page and link back to this blog! This link up ends at Friday 11:59PM ♥


  1. Hi Faith! Here I am! Since I have been thinking about starting my own blog hope too, I know how you must be feeling, starting something new and hoping and waiting for people to respond and to support you, right? so here is my entry, not sure if I got the right idea or interpretation for your theme but . . . here it is anyway! All the best on your new adventure!!

  2. Are we supposed to put up a simple photo or one that is barely edited?

  3. Thanks for asking me to play along! I will try to have a perfect, simple photo up by Friday! Fun idea, and I do love Starbucks!

  4. Thanks! I learned something new today. :-)

  5. Hi Faith! Thanks so much for putting up my button! i'm so flattered, especially now, seeing your beautiful blog, and amazing photos! if i had any photo skills i would be joining the simplicity blog hop- but i'm not there...yet. i look forward to coming here again! -emily

  6. Oh, my, your photos are lovely! I've looked through several of your posts and am smitten.

    So please, Miss Faith, when you visit my blog, close your eyes to my pix, okay? I barely know how to switch modes on my camera. *grin* But thanks for following along. I love new friends!

  7. Hmmm. Anyone can do this?
    I think I might just do so... :)
    Mine'll be up, asap:)

  8. I clicked over from Beka's blog... and I'm thinking I might just enter a picture. I'm not, by any means, a photographer - but I try!

    (And I do love starbucks... :)

  9. I don't have a flickr account, so I hope its okay that I just posted my blog post! Your photography and blog is beautiful!

  10. Blog hopped here from Beka, and this was a lot of fun to participate in! Thanks for the fun. :)

  11. I clicked over from Abbie's blog who clicked over from Beka's blog. Neat contest idea!

  12. Just came across your blog. I am too late for the contest, but hopefully will make it next time! I enjoyed touring your website as well. I just started my own photography blog. Looks like I will be back for some fun!


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