Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today I'm linking up with Under Grace and Over Offee for some Friday Favorites!! Things that made me happy this week:
One more week of homeschooling DONE!! It's been a brutal week but we survived.
Our first trip to our AWESOME Library. Officially the best Library I've ever been to.
My mom in town, visiting with us for a couple of days. Sweet!
Boxes getting un packed - finally!
My room looking less like a yard sale and more like a bedroom.
Watching Avatar at home on DVD.
Foam crafts - they totally rock and kept my kids busy and happy for like an hour!

New blog affiliates via ShareSale if you're looking for your blog to love you back this is SO cool. Check out my new "sponsors" section to the right - sweet!! If you'd like to have your company listed there let me know!

Go check out more Friday Favorites here:


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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Before & After at Pixel Perfect: Emma


I edited this a while ago in Corel Paint Shop Pro. I most just adjusted the highlight & lowlight in it and altered the color a bit. It's one of my favorite edits of Emma. Check out the Pixel Perfect Blog for more amazing Before & Afters! And don't forget to enter my Photography challenge and giveaway for a chance to win a Starbucks card!

a little something

I discovered the CUTEST Etsy store the other day via The Pleated Poppy it's called Blue Corduroy and it is just darling! Most of her products are made with vintage recycled fabric and are one of a kind!

These are just darling! Look for a giveaway soon :)


Also check out this cool lunch sack!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Raw(e): Red

Today I'm linking up with the Sailor & Company blog photo challenge. Check out all the awesome raw photos that others are posting - it's always fun.

It's that time of year again!! It's time for popsicles on the back porch, running in sprinklers, bare feet and strawberries

This is an out-take from my photography contest and Starbucks giveaway that I'm hosting on my blog this week!
I know I'm only supposed to post one but I couldn't resist posting these two others of my kids when I was done with the photoshoot!! They started circling like little... hmmm, like little kids around a bowl of strawberries!! After a minute Josiah couldn't take it any more and took one - the other kids followed suit and in a minute my prop was just an empty bowl and some little green leaves :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

i heart faces photo challenge: smiles

I'm linking up today with I Heart Faces Photography Challenge it was SO hard to choose because I have such smily kids. I wanted to go with an oldy but couldn't decide on which adorable photo of baby Josiah to post so here's one from Emma's birthday last year. It's strait out of the camera. She's such a sweeti-pie and I think this photo of her reflects that. There are lots more on my website under the "family" tab.

p.s. don't forget to enter my first ever photography challenge blog hop and enter to win a Starbucks gift card!

Monday, April 26, 2010

GIVEAWAY!! Photography Contest

Welcome to my first ever giveaway and blog hop! I am super excited about it and can't wait to see who links up and what kind of photos y'all post.
I know that I am always looking for inspiration and a little challenge to my photography. I really enjoyed getting this week's post ready - I hope you will too!
This week's theme is simplicity, scerenty... minimalism

minimalism is a single subject with negative space in the background, it is simple with minimal distractions, simple shapes. Check out this seach on Flickr to get inspired! Also check out *Cinnamon a lot of her photography is minimalist and very artistic not to mention she's extremely popular on Flickr.
The giveaway is a ten dollar gift card to Starbucks!!
♥ Please remember to link up with the url that goes directly to your post or Flickr page and link back to this blog! This link up ends at Friday 11:59PM ♥

"Not Me" Monday Late Night edition

Hi and welcome to my "not me" Monday post hosted by MckMama
I am not still up at 12am on Monday still working on homeschooling plans! oh no. not me. I did not overload my kids with schoolwork last week and then absolutley did not let them watch TV and stay in their pajamas nearly ALL DAY LONG on Saturday?
The day did get redeemed. I did buy some plants for the garden! yay! I also did a fun foam craft with the kids. Those things are the BOMB - totally awesome. Zero prep, minimal cleanup, zero residual mess to clean. yay! (you can see camera phone pics on my Facebook page)
p.s. check back tonight! I'm hosting my first ever giveaway and photography contest!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

happy weekend

One of our wonderful neighbors brought us a frog that she found in her garden. My kids wend totally BONKERS for him. We named him max. I took TONS of photos of "him" and decided to make this collage inspired by all the "i heart faces" challenge especially this one. We released him into the creek at the end of the street on our evening walk. What a nice way to start the weekend!
What is your favorite way to spend a weekend?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Caffinated Randomness - a wish list

Today I'm wishing for:

Flowers for my garden

Time to be ALONE

An upgrade to Windows 7

(Check out this super-cool Windows 7 wallpaper site!)


MckMama blogged about it and now I really want it! But it's just SO crazy expensive!

Pixel Perfect Before & After: Ballerina



I used Corel Paint Shop "focus" action. See it on Flickr by clicking here - as well as some other versions I did. This is from a photo shoot I did for my friend visit her website

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Settling In

Yesterday I had a post all written out on my phone when the app crashed and I lost it all - twice. I gave up. Today, I have so many thoughts and different posts tumbling around in my head that I just thought I'd ramble on a little bit about how we're settling in here at the new place. Plus I just watched BONES (yay!!! I'm such a fan. LOVED this episode.)
Not one box has been unpacked this week - not even one. But week two of homeschooling has been (so far) a sucess, it just takes up a huge chunk of time (and energy). And let me just say that never again will I take getting a shower for granted - 'nuf said.
Today I got a call from a church in the area that I visited on Sunday, she was really sweet and invited me to her homeschool group how amazing is that?! It gets even better - when we got to the park their were four little girls who were Beth's age! Even if we don't end up going to that church you can bet I'll be going to that park for the homeschool group. Beth was crying just last night because she misses her friends at school. It felt like such a Godsend to meet this group of moms. On the way home we grabbed a couple frostees and ate them out on the deck - it felt like a perfect afternoon.
Daniel brought me my first houseplant. It was a gift from one of his suppliers I thought that it was going to die and that made me sad but with a little water and some sunshine and it's good as new and starting to bloom. That makes me happy.
When I was poking around in our miniscule back yard I discovered some bricks under the grass that look like they were the outline of a garden. I feel a little bit like Mary in "A Secret Garden" and that makes me happy too. I took some photographs of it this morning. Since then I've cleared away more of the leaves and old grass clippings and I'm dreaming about what I'll plant.

(BTW: Jamie @ Pearl Ministries/Ranch on Jesus is giving away a set of African jewelry! CLICK HERE to "like" their ministry and enter to win!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Young Victoria

I am SO thrilled that Young Victoria is finally out to rent at Redbox! There are few movies that I watch and are so sad that they are over as Young Victoria. It's a beautiful story narrating the courtship of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. From the very first scene the cinematography is wonderful, the locations are amazing and the costumes are brilliant. Like any Historical Drama there are lots of characters and lots to keep up with but it is well worth it. The relationship between Victoria and Albert is a kaleidoscope of laughter and passion, fear and anguish, triumph and love. It is a beautiful, beautiful film and I really loved it.

Winner of 2010 Oscar for best Costume Design

Another movie you might like is Bright Star

Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's 11pm and I just finished putting together the girl's packets for homeschooling next week - whew. I'm so glad that's done. There is nothing worse than going into a week of homeschooling unprepared. Been there, done that. No thank you.

We began the search for a new home church today. I started with the most logical place - the church of the gal who watched my kids for me last week. I ended up bringing all of the kids with me - not exactly what I'd had in mind - but it all turned out for the best. The kids loved it, I liked it a lot. We'll see. I felt God reminding me to have confidence in Him and He'll be faithful to lead me where He wants me to be.

I spent the afternoon sitting on the back steps watching the kids ride their bikes around in a circle. I took a fun photo of it.

I was way tired today because last night Josiah fell asleep 4ish on Saturday, so when he woke up later he was ready to pull an all-nighter.

There is something almost surreal about taking a shower with a giggly two year old at ten o'clock at night wishing that this would be the thing to calm him down enough to lay down. Thankfully I'd rented Astro Boy & Free Willy Escape from Pirate Cove so I got a little bit of a nap this afternoon after I got home from grocery shopping.

Well I had better get to bed before it's officially Monday already!

Friday, April 16, 2010

our most recent "artwork" & weekend entertainment pick

This week I've been ruining on caffeine and sugar and cat naps while the kids watch TV. It's pure {unproductive} craziness around here! I'm SO glad that it's Friday and hope to get something done this weekend. Maybe a box unpacked or Beth's room cleaned out. She still has big cardboard boxes of who knows what labeled "toys" and "kids room" which I haven't yet touched.

This weekend I don't have a movie to recommend, (I haven't seen anything good this week - have you?) instead this weekend I recommend you load some episodes of FLASH FORWARD which are available to watch for free at Hulu or at
I enjoy occasionally watching entire seasons of TV shows in a week. I did that with Flash Forward a couple months ago and REALLY enjoyed it. It's not a show for the whole family, but it's not too gorey or sexy. Last night I watched a recent episode on Daniel's laptop in bed. It was great.

I love all the interpersonal relationships and how they are working out. I keep guessing at how and if the chick in the pic above (Janice) is going to get the baby she saw in her "flash forward", and wonder if Mark & Olivia's marriage is going to survive.
It is interesting to me to see how these different people are dramatically affected by their "flash" into the future and how we perceive our future will be affects how we live now.

When I was pregnant for the first time I imagined life with a daughter would be all sparkly stickers and chocolate chip cookie-making. It hasn't been quite like that but when I get those crafty foam craft and glitter moments I really cherish them.
We took a trip out to Old Navy and found a Michael's right next door! Where we picked up thirty dollars worth of sparkles, stickers and misc. gloriously crafty stuff. I'm such a sucker. But it'll give us something to do on the slow afternoons that we sometimes have, something that is, other than watch TV.

We {survived} finished our first week of homeschooling! It turns out that I like it, most of the time. I'm glad we got through this first week so well. I'll make some adjustments and try to keep the momentum (and motivation) for next week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

in other news

it turns out that I really like homeschooling
it's exhausting
sometimes frustrating
often CRAZY
like when I'm trying to get Josiah to get out of mischief
and trying to help Katie-Abigail put a puzzle together
and explaining a problem to Emma
and dealing with Beth's stubborn attitude
then I feel like a tornado! Running around (in my jammies) like a hundred mile an hour windstorm. Then I make myself another cup of coffee, sit down for a minute and give everybody a break and I smile to myself as I listen to my kids play together.
Not having to get up at 6:30 every morning ROCKS, sitting on the couch snuggling with the kids and watching cartoons in the morning is super-great. I could get used to this!
Last night a painted my toenails teal. I felt like a mermaid :) Then I used the hair color I bought the other day and colored my hair for the first time. I have really mixed feelings about it. I stained my skin a little in the process (eew!) and I don't know how I feel about all those chemicals but my hair is now super-silky and soft! I love how it looks!
It made me think about maybe doing the "30 things to do before I turn 30" thing. Ever since Daniel turned thirty I've felt like I'm almost 30, and most of my friends are over 30 so I'm kinda' like "what would be the point" the reality is that I've got about three more years until I turn thirty, so I might do it! If I did I'd put "color my hair" on it. My sisters both tried to dye their hair red ten years ago I was too chicken (and too brunette - they are both blondies) to try it.
Today we are going to venture out - for the first time this week - to try to find an Old Navy so I can buy a pair of flip flops. We will be bringing worksheets with us in the car - oh yeah, just like when I was a kid -we're rockin' the homeschool flexibility now! Anyway, the weirdest thing happened to my old pair. I left them in the kitchen one night and the next morning there was just one - in the Living Room. I'm going to the blame the dog, even though I haven't found any evidence or shredded remains of my other flip flop. But I am NOT living for one more day in my crocs.
Okay, kids are going crazy... See ya in the funny papers!

Pixel Perfect Before & After: Carnations

Link up at the Pixel Perfect blog!

RAW(e): Shoes

Sami @ Sailor and Company host the RAW(e) photography blog hop! Last week she choose me as the winner and guest judge! That is such an honor and totally made my day :)
So heres my strait out of camera shot of Josiah and his favorite boots. He wears them all the time. It's very very cute.

Hop on over to the Sailor and Company blog and check out the other amazing shots of shoes!

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