Sunday, March 14, 2010

random inspiration

It's SUNDAY! We're home again, the kids had a BLAST they played hide and go seek for hours at the new house and were sad to leave. Daniel and I talked about where we'd place furniture and electronics and I took LOTS of photos, most of which are embarrassingly crappy but better than what I had before. I wish I could say that on the long drive home I had all kids on wonderful time to think, but honestly all I could manage was listening to Mat Kearny, eat Twizzlers and try to keep my eyes open - I'm EXHAUSTED today. So I've been sitting at the computer, browsing blogs and trying to get my thoughts together to do a REAL "favorites" post. Which isn't working out so great.I have got SO many thoughts and ideas buzzing around in my head. It's difficult to get them organized into coherent sentences plus my blogger is being moody and is giving me grief about adding photos

Last night I stumbled upon Jeremy Camp's wife Adie Camp and I have been blown away! When I was listening to her music on the myspace page it literally gave me goosebumps. Her voice is beautiful, the song choices are humble and worshipful. Check out this interview on this blog, watch a view interview here, or buy it from for only $6.99! Listen to it first on Adie Camp's website!

Favorite Flickr Photos

(photo by my sister)

Favorite Etsy Finds

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  1. Oh what a great photo! I cannot wait to check those links. I'm in dire NEED of a new diaper bag!

    Oh and thank for your what you said- probably the nicest comment I have ever gotten (:


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