Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Wednesday!

This post is brought to you by Wishful Wednesday

and also by What the Heck? Wednesday

So it's Wednesday already, for crying out loud! We're half way through the week already and I have found like a MILLION ways to procrastinate to avoid the cleaning/sorting/packing that I really don't want to be doing.

Wishful Wednesday comes from Kelsey's cute, sweet blog The Seattle Smith's Here's the theme:
'I wish' .... I could wear/could have worn _____ dress on my wedding day!
If you were getting married tomorrow, what would you pick??
Well, I LOVED my wedding dress. It wasn't exactly what I'd pictured as a little girl (I wanted a sleeveless ball gown dress with a velvet bolero jacket but my mom would have never have let me be seen in something like that!) My dress was AMAZING and made by my mom and perfect for me.

(on the left - the photo in the magazine. on the right me on my wedding day wearing the dress my mom made for me)

I think if I were going to re-marry my husband tomorrow I think I would go with something vintage.

Something simple, and lacy and I would only have my very closest friends there. On my wedding day all I could think was "don't faint. don't fall. don't faint. don't fall."

Today's What the Heck? Wednesday comes from the smart and sassy Mommyologist! Check out her blog for the latest. So last night I let the girls eat jello after dinner, so while they were giggling and all hopped up on sugar they started saying really silly things. Emma said that Beth likes to say "what-the-heck-amonia" especially on the bus. Beth said "Yeah, I'm just like the people in what-the-heck-amania they say what the heck? to everything! They're the what-the-heck-amanians" I laughed and laughed as she jabbered on about the what-the-heck-amanians. For a minute I thought maybe she was talking about some kind of cartoon she'd seen but then I realized she was making the whole thing up! She's so creative like that.

And now on with the post...

Today I've been listening to the sounds of a rainy day. The rain on the tin roof across the street, the robin in the tree in our yard, the rushing gurgle of water from up the hill, making it's way to the river at the end of our street, and the noise it makes as it hits the driveway, a happy boy splashing in puddles, a happy girl saying "this is the best day ever!" and I'm happy that I gave into a little boy's please to go out into the rain. I'm a little bummed out that the battery in camera is too worn down to take any pictures but then that is probably a good thing because I wouldn't want to take it out in the rain, and I probably couldn't get any good shots from the porch. So instead I shiver in my sweater and slowly get soaking wet, and I squish in mud right along with the kids and feel the cold rush of the water at the end of driveway, and I remember the times I did this as a kid, the creek behind my grandparents house and the rain walks we'd take on a hot summer day. I made brownies with the kids, and I gave Katie-Abigail her first piano lesson. We pretended to befriend the monsters in the basement and we drew pictures on the white board. It's rainy, and I'd rather be out, but it's been a good day.



  1. I am a definite "what the heck amanian!" Too cute! I love the things that kids say.

    Thanks so much for linking up today!

  2. piano lessons, monster conquering, puddle jumping and art TOO!!!! You are a SUPER mom!!!!!
    Loved the vintage wedding dresses you picked out. I loved my wedding too, but if I had the chance to do it again NOW, instead of 10 years ago...things would defnitely look a bit different.

  3. The fact that your mom made your dress is amazing and makes it that much more sentimental. But, I do love your vintage choices too, of course!


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