Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dirt + snow = mud

The snow has mostly melted, and we are left with lots of mud. Josiah & Katie-Abigail were determined to play in it yesterday when I took them outside for some fresh air. It is SO gross!! Especially here in Georgia with our icky red clay. yuck.

We watched "Couples Retreat" on Monday night. I'm not really a fan of Vince Vaughn but I enjoyed this one. I laughed SO hard at the guitar hero showdown. It's a very pro-marriage movie and really funny and sweet.

I was able to get some organization done in the basement and decided to take some photos of my sewing machine, which has lived, for the last three years, most pitifully, in the basement covered with miscellaneous crap. I was thinking about selling it on craigslist but as I was photographing it I felt so bad about selling it. My grandmother gave it to me when I was a teenager and while I do very little sewing it is a beautiful machine built into an awesome little desk. You can buy a print here and here and also here.

There have been moments lately, as our move gets closer and closer when I feel more and more overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes it feels a bit like walking out onto the water and hoping I don't sink. I was feeling especially stressed while trying to get my act together to make potato soup for dinner last night. The sink decided to crap out on me and sporatically spray me in the face from what Daniel and I later discovered to be a tiny corrosion hole in the tap. Josiah decided that turning mommy's Keurig coffee pot on and off was a fun activity as he stood on a chair next to me to "help" with the potato peeling process. But as I stood there at the sink just peeling away at the potatoes I found a little comfort in the simplicity of the act of preparing a meal for my family, and just peeling the potatoes. I thought to myself "Life might be uncertain right now but at least I can still peel these freaking potatoes" I can do that much right, at least. And I can count on that not changing.

Today the kids are back outside playing in the mud & dirt. I'm not thrilled about the cleanup that will be involved in allowing them to do this but they are SO happy, collecting "babies" which are little rocks. It feels so wonderful outside and sitting with them outside feels simple and peaceful and right.
"hugging" his "babies"
wearing matching AR hats
KA's "babies"

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  1. Do you use a Canon Rebel by chance? If so, I am using your photos to convince my hubby I need it!


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