Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This morning I'm linking up with Sam at the amazing, inspiring blog Sailor & Company. This week the theme is beauty.

What is beautiful to me?

Beauty is a worship song - right now I'm listening to Adie Camp's new worship CD and loving it - that draws me in and makes me feel closer to God.

Beauty is the hug from my little boy. A smile from one of my girls. The laughter of a happy family. Dreams for their bright future.

Beauty is my husband forgiving me when I've been stuborn and stupid and over-sensitive and blown up about nothing.

Beauty is sisters sitting together and talking all night.
Beauty is drawing near to God, no matter how long it's been, and feeling His embrace. Knowing I never want to leave this place of closeness with Him, in His transcendent love.

Beauty is a new season of life. Moving and changing and growing. Leaving behind fear and sadness, grief and bitterness and embracing hope. Choosing to walk in peace. Holding onto joy.

(it's so hard to pick JUST ONE photo for this post! This was my #2 pick)

Beauty is letting go of the expectation that things should be perfect, embracing life just the way that it is, with all it's messyness and unscripted moments of laughter and pain and insanity.


  1. I like how the eye is drawn to the left, to the little yellow car, a slight distraction, that makes you smile, kids are here!

    nice photo


  2. Your final definition of beauty is bang on...and the picture, is indeed beautiful.

  3. What a lovely post! And such a nice photo. I love the car in the background.

  4. I love flowers! They surely are beautiful :)


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