Tuesday, February 2, 2010

sick day

Today both of my big girls are home sick. They've both got fevers and a cough. One or the other home is actually kind of nice. Both home sick - not so much. It means that nothing is going to get done and I'll be totally exhausted by the end of the day - both true of today!

James McAvoy in Penelope, photo from Fame and a photo from Bright Star
We watched Penelope, which was pretty cute (James McAvoy is such a good actor) & Fame which actually gave me goosebumps - some of the performances were just that good. Though I think it was maybe a little mature for my girls, though they loved it! While I was at the RedBox I saw that Bright Star is out on DVD and I am totally thrilled about that. It's an historical/period drama type movie, like Pride & Prejudice. Those come out so infrequently that I get crazy excited and Daniel teases me about it.

I cut Emma's sandwich into the shape of a heart. She really likes that. I served it on the heart place mat I bought at Target on Sunday.

Today I said "Hey Jojo" to Josiah and he said "Don't call me Jojo" I said "Okay, what do you want me to call you then?" He thought about it for a minute and said "Nick."

Today I also discovered that Josiah is at an age where he has a window of opportunity during which he'll nap, if I wait to put him down too late he just won't go down at all, which meant about two hours of whining before dinner. Not fun at all!

Hopefully tomorrow Beth will go to school and it'll be a less-exhausting day.

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