Saturday, February 20, 2010

more bliss

Daniel & I are sitting in Atlanta traffic right this moment and I have never enjoyed moving so slowly. We passed Peidmont Park and it was like being in a movie - there was someone flying a kite, people walking dogs everywhere. Beautiful twenty-somethings sitting on a blanket. Lovers holding hands, mothers with jogging strollers. A couple passed on the sidewalk it looked like they were coming home from Trader Joes, and it looked like they'd just had a fight.
Watching the people here in the city of Atlanta is one of the most interesting things I've done in a while. There are so many people walking, so many people with their dogs. It's amazing, like a different world then the one I live in in the suburbs.
We are seeing a movie at a theatre here, it is the first time I've ever seen a preview for a claymation film in French. I enjoyed seeing a movie at an "artsy" theatre. We watched the movie "Creation" which is limited release, but a good period drama.
After the movie I went to a Thai restraunt for the first time and tried a curry for the first tie, which I loved.
Bliss= date with husband,
doing something new,
snuggling at home
the box of Krispy Kremes waiting for me for in the morning

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