Saturday, February 6, 2010

it's Saturday

hey there. thank you to those of you who thought of me or prayed for me today. thanks Elisabeth for the Facebook message. I got it right as I was walking into my parent's house. it was an emotional day, for sure. the long drive there, the even longer drive home. crying. missing my brother. we had a really great time together. it's always so great to see my sisters and to spend time with them. we sorted through toys that we had shared with my brother, that had been passed down from sibling to sibling. the day was full of "oh I remember this!" and "do you remember when that happened?" it was full of laughter and hugs and our shared sorrow. I sorted through my brother's stick figure drawings - he was really good at that. mostly army men and fighter planes. we even found a tin of stick-figure army guys made from fuzzy wires (pipe cleaners) with guns that were amazingly detailed. I brought home some of soldier guys for Josiah to play with when he gets older, and my brother's mini-classical guitar that he played when he was like six. Josiah loved it right away, it was just the cutest thing.
So now I've got brownies and coffee and a really awesome photostream that I just re-discovered Heather's photos have made me smile today and reminded me of the beauty that is all around us, even at the same time as pain.
Here are some other links I stumbled upon today:
Smile & Wave blog
Deco Fabulous blog
Velvet & Linen
Eric Roth - crazy amazing "high-end interior" photographer (Abi & Heather I was thinking of y'all)
A Blog directory that will keep you up until two in the morning!
A blog I could get lost in for an entire day!
A Day that is Dessert - don't get the title but the photography is so great! Definitely one to visit again soon!
Another cool blog
Chapman interiors - if you love saving pictures from Real Simple and Martha Steward you'll love her blog plus she uses those little {thingys} that I love so I've got to love her blog!

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