Friday, February 12, 2010


The thing about missing my date with the computer yesterday and going to bed at 8:30 last night without blogging is that today I have given myself permission to once again blog in the morning. I love blogging at this time of day, before my brain dissolves into a pile of screaming goop! I love giving into the urge to get lost in the blogverse, finding new blogs, meeting new virtual friends and on yet another gloomy day, peek into someone else's world only to discover that we share so many common experiences. If you haven't checked out 4 little men and girly twins yet you really must! I also found savvy little women today which I really enjoyed!

So the other day I was browsing on Flickr and stumbled upon some amazing shots of various people's re-decoration projects. I was thinking about it that night, how inspiration is so important. It's so easy for me to just get stuck in a rut, but then something inspiring comes along and lifts me up, if only for a moment, to see how things could be different, maybe better. So I wanted to share some images & ideas that are not my own but I found very inspiring.

This is from the house tour that Rachel of Smile and Wave posted on Flickr. Her flickr stream & blog are really cool and inspirational. I love her use of bright colors and vintage items. She has some neat make-over ideas. This one is my favorite:

I have a lamp just like it just begging to be done a similar way - plus I'm just lovin' the color she picked!

Another amazing shot that I found on Flickr is Heather's

Is this not totally awesome? I love the painted chairs in the corner and the painted floors and did you notice the fabulous dishes in the cute little cupboard? She also has a blog! Here's another shot from her Flickr site - this is coolest idea. Her brilliant husband made this from a table they were given for free!
Can you see the teal theme developing? Okay, now check this out:
This photo is from a really cool website called the kitchn - it's part of a gallery of "Light, Bright Kitchens" which is totally awesome. You really can't beat all the pretty colors (and teal!) in this room. Below is another shot from the gallery that I really love:

I think a kitchen like that is maybe a bit more realistic for someone like me. I LOVE the use of white and the open space in the cupboards to display the dishes. Which reminds me of this idea that I saved from a decorating book a few years ago:
The inside of the cabinets are painted "robin's egg blue" which I think is the neatest idea! I've also seen this done to bookshelves.

Check out this pretty lace tablecloth that was transformed into curtains and I just LOVE the pattern of the wallpaper.

Or how about these vintage curtains? Click on the images to see them on Flickr and to view more of her stream. Also check out Nestled In on Flickr for a beautiful trip into a cozy home - I couldn't pick just one to post here so go check it out! Also this home tour. Her use of wallpaper is superb!

On the topic of home decor here are a few blogs to check out! Cookie, DecoFabulous, ApartmentTherapy, Houzz

Okay, well Katie-Abigail has now been sent to her bed for an eternity, or five minutes, whichever comes first, so I really must go. If you know of more blogs on the topic of home decor or you have your home tour posted online do please leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I like these so much! I love that vintage/found objects kind of stuff. I've realized I really have a hard time with color, though (surprise, surprise!). I would love to be able to do something in our dining room like the one with the painted chairs and cupboard with colorful dishes, but I always end up stuck on colors. I can trust myself with creams, browns, whites and blacks... anything else I can't really tell the color and it's going to clash really bad. This gave me some inspiration, though! Now if I just had some money... :)

  2. I love these decorating ideas!! I feel like I am looking at home sites all the time now since we're moving. Thanks so much for mentioning me, you are too sweet!


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