Saturday, February 13, 2010

hello from the white south

Overnight Atlanta was transformed into a winter wonderland, we got a good couple of inches of beautiful white fluffy snow. We weren't able to play out in it, much to the dissapointment of my children.
We spent the evening at the auto repair shop watching "Madagascar" (I forgot how funny that movie is!) and waiting for our van to be ready. We had some major repairs done over the week but when we picked it up the electrical system needed a little tweaking. The owner of the shop was super-nice and eventually gave us a ride home and delivered our car to us this morning.
So now we are (finally) off and on our way to Augusta to do some househunting. The big kids are in the backseat bickering, Josiah is asleep and KA is singing to herself. She's been making up songs about the "giant towers" that she saw in the big city.
I love driving through Atlanta. It reminds me of my childhood and all the trips we took through the big city on a Sunday night coming back from church. I loved watching the rows of streetlights, I used to long to be able to draw them. And trying to spot the tallest skyscraper and any familiar buildings - like the Bellsouth building Grandpa used to work at before he retired.
Today it's really beautiful out. The sun has melted the snow off the interstate, but it's still falling of the trees. When it is snowy like this I wish we lived somewhere that snows more. I love it. Maybe it's some fond yet forgotten memory from my early childhood in Michigan. Snow makes everything slow down, sometimes it all comes to a grinding halt, but we pause and just snuggle close to the family we love. We hunker down in thankfulness for warm homes and hot cocoa.
So now we are on our way... it must be some kind of madness - KA woke up with a fever, though she feels much better now. I feel like someone poured lead down my spine. But we're trudging on and trying to make the best of it.
Oh and by the way, Daniel gave me my Valentines Day present early! Season 4 of BONES!!! It's my favorite show.

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