Friday, February 26, 2010

did I mention I love the sunshine?

Today was another gloriously sunny day. I got an astonishing amount of packing and general cleaning/organizing done which was just wonderful. For the first time in my life I am day dreaming of moving to Florida... or Southern California.
Below is a photo of the things I got and blogged about yesterday...

The storage ottoman is something I'd considered buying when they first started carrying them at Target, then when I saw it marked down to half off I couldn't resist! {score!} Besides which it'll be easy to re-cover sometime in the future. And the mug is just a little bit of my new favorite color to brighten up my too-early mornings. This cute little bag is Old Navy brand that I picked up at the consignment store for Katie-Abigail. I think it is utterly adorable.

We got the keys to the new house in Augusta today! It feels so great to be able to think about the move with more certainty to know that my key to our new house is in my purse on a cute dragonfly keychain that Daniel gave to me today, and imagine our family in the cute little white house, down the street from the pool. I have been planing the kids new rooms a blue room (with Beth & Josiah) and a pink room (with Emma & Katie-A) I saw these bedspreads at Target yesterday - aren't they too cute?! I think this would be perfectly adorable as a quilt too. Can you imagine if all the flowers were appliqued floral fabric? That would just be awesome, but I would never have the time for an undertaking like that. At least not now.

Daniel took some pictures of the Augusta house for me while he was there today, so I thought I'd post a little peek here.

Well my man in snoozing on the couch after his exhausting trip to and from Augusta, so I guess it's time to sign off for now.

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