Friday, February 19, 2010


It's finally a really beautiful day here in Atlanta. I stood outside my door sipping my coffee and just listening to the birds, there is something so peaceful about their chatter. And I watched some Cardinals flirt in the bushes. I love spotting the few kinds of birds that I know and I love knowing what they are. My kids are so disinterested in it whenever we look at them in books or try to spot them outside. I wonder if I acted like that too when we were building that bird species mobile for the window so that we would recognize birds like Black birds, Finches, Chickadees etc., or when we looked through the Bird Species Almanac. My family were such brainiacs, I'm sure I thought it was fun, or something.

This morning I also discovered a cute blog called A Beautiful Mess. I especially loved this post on how to make your own fabric-covered journals. I LOVE this idea!! Wouldn't each of my girls love one of these? Check out her blog for lots of fun ideas and plenty of inspiration.
If you follow me on Flickr you may remember this photo.

Well this wall got even worse if you can believe that, but yesterday I used a "magic earaser" scrubber on it - it really was like magic! With just a couple of minutes and a little bit of effort it looks as good as new! It also got a bunch of pesky pencil marks off of doors etc.

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