Monday, January 11, 2010


I never really understood why we in the South totally freak out at the mention of less than an inch of snow. This year I finally understand. Our less than an inch of snowfall melted and then froze into a thin sheet of black ice covering everything. Driving was an adventure all weekend. We live deep in the back of our neighborhood so there has been a lot of ice on our street. So much so that we couldn't park our van in our own driveway - too much ice!
We did have fun on the day it snowed though. We had a little snowball fight and the kids played outside tons. For that day I really wished we lived somewhere where it snowed more regularly.
Anyway - here are the pics from our "snowstorm":
Emma - my snow princess
Snow in her hair: K-A
"winter wonderland" Beth with Maddy & Josiah
This is Kenzie - one of two sisters (Maddy & Kenzie) who usually come spend a couple afternoons a week with us. Her hands were cold.
Emma with snow in her hair. From the first few moments of the "snowstorm"

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