Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two days down!

We've survived two days of Christmas Holiday so far and I think we are all more or less adjusted to our non-school schedule. Having all the kids home has allowed me to hear more of the adorable things my kids say. Like Emma, who has taken to calling all citrus that looks yummy to her "Bob". About a week ago we had some friends over, they brought us some limes. Emma "rescued" one from the drinks Daniel was fixing and named it Bob. She pretended to be heartbroken when she woke up the next morning to find out that Bob was no longer with us. I bought a bunch of Tangerines and she sorted through them looking for "Bob". She pulled one out, kissed it and said "Hi, Bob!"

Today I asked Beth to spend a little time cleaning up her room. She came to me a moment later and said "Mom, when my room is messy my mind is tricky, when my room is clean my mind is wacky. Tricky is better than wacky, for me."

I'm cleaning the house today, trying to get laundry washed and put away etc. so that Christmas Eve can be spent making Christmas cookies and preparing our Christmas Eve "feast". I'm roasting whole chickens, I have creamed corn, cranberry sauce, stuffing and sweet potatoes - which I have still not decided how I'll prepare. My mom always made one of those sweet potato casserole with the pecan & brown sugar strussel. However, Daniel (my husband) doesn't like nuts so that way is out. Got any ideas?

I thought that it might be fun to have an Italian Christmas feast. If I could choose my ethnicity it would be Italian. I think they have such an interesting, beautiful culture and amazing food. Then I looked up what a "traditional" Holiday feast would be and I lost heart for such an enormous undertaking!

Tonight I wrap presents all night. FUN! I'm thinking I'll rent a movie for Daniel & I to watch while I wrap. We did that once and it was fun.

I hope you're enjoying your Christmas season!

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