Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The best Tomato Soup you've never had

Whenever my four year old really loves something she said "this is the best I've never had" it's so cute - thus the title for this post.

My sister started a food blog - in her first two blog posts she gave some pointers for making a really great homemade broth which I found quite helpful and she shared the recipe for a kick-ass Leftover-Christmas-Turkey Noodle Soup. You should really head over and check it out! She is a really good from-scratch cook and has given me lots of pointers - most notably she shared a mouth-watering recipe for biscuits that I've been using for years - in fact I used just it again this morning!
Her recent posts inspired me to share a recipe that I've been using a lot this winter so here it is:

Cut 2 carrots and 1/4 of an onion - saute in soup pot (in about 2Tb of butter) until the carrots are starting to get soft and the onion is turning clear. Add about 5 lbs freshly chopped tomato (don't worry about the seeds or skin) (you can also use two big cans of diced tomato but fresh is SO much better) and a can of white kidney beans, then add two jeaping teaspoons of montreal seasoning (or another favorite seasoning mix). Let it sit on medium-high heat for about ten minutes until it's simmering nicely then add two cups of chicken broth. Simmer for 20 minutes. Blend the soup in a blender in batches till it's nice and smooth. Simmer lightly over low heat. Make a roux by heating 2 Tb of butter with 4Tb flour in a small pan stir constantly until the butter has completely melted and it's starting to get bubbly and thick. Add to blended soup and heat, sirring frequently. This will really improve the texture of the soup. Add salt or sugar or more seasoning to taste. You can do this whole thing from cans (canned carrots, tomato, beans & broth) but it is SO much better if you use fresh ingredients.

Make this into a "risotto" by adding cooked white rice (Jasmine Rice is one of my favorites -I'd prepare about 2 cups uncooked rice for this large of a pot of soup) or orzo. Add some small chunks of fish or sausage and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.

I've made this soup every week this winter. I'm going to try to make a creamy tomato soup next week but this is my go-to recipe, adapted from a recipe a friend gave to me from the food network.

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