Friday, October 23, 2009

More thoughts

Today I was thinking about old(ish) movies that I want to see -

Sleepless in Seatle - love Meg Ryan's hair! I also love the way Tom Hank's charicter talks about his first wife.

You've Got Mail - another Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie. It's sort of a cliche story but the ending gets me every time, and Greg Kinnar's charicter is just great. I also love her apartment, for some reason, I guess it's all the white and bookshelves. I also love the part where she writes about how her life reminding her of something that she's read in a book and she wishes it were the other way around - I can relate to that.

Sabrina - Greg Kinnar is in the newer version of this one too. I watched this movie a lot when I was 13-14 years old and I just adored Sabrina's wordrobe and hair, and her photography.

While You Were Sleeping - it's my favorite Sandra Bullock movie. I love how she celebrates Christmas. I relate to how lonely she feels during that time and to her romantic daydreamyness.

I am also looking out for a time to watch Pride & Prejudice again. It's been awhile. I also have Sense & Sensability and while the one I have mangled the story a bit, I enjoy it a lot nonetheless. I've been watching BONES on TV. I think that Booth is a modern Mr. Darcey and get all swooney at his relationship with Bones. Especially in the episode "Night at the Museum"

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