Tuesday, October 27, 2009


These are some photos I've taken when I was feeling overwhelmed by life, and the messyness of it. I've always known that I'm prone to feeling low, it's sort of a rut I live in. Recently I was diagnosed with depression. It's real now. I actually have to deal with it. I think admiting you have a problem and getting help with it is a good place to be, or at least a better place than ignoring and denying that anything is wrong.
Today has been one of the worst days since being diagnosed. My kids are sick and I feel trapped at home but I can't get anything done. It's one of those gray dripy, misty Atlanta mornings "the kind of morning that lasts all afternoon, stuck inside the gloom." Plus I've got therapy tonight and I'm sort of dreading it. I'm not sure why.
But here, stuck inside the gloom, I choose to believe that God is with me. I long to feel Him here with me, like I know He is. I long to break out of these ruts I've lived in of dissapointment and brokennes and fear and junk.

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  1. Oh Faith, I had no idea. I don't know if you have ever gone to my regular blog or not but there are a LOT of posts on depression on there, in fact, here's my story.


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