Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A question... or two

So my therapist gave me these two behavioral assignments for the week: to plan for more socialization and to get excercise. I'm totally clueless about how to go about both! Okay, well maybe not totally clueless. I requested to join a playgroup in my on and I looked up story times at my Library and the local bookstore. Any more ideas?


  1. Does your church have a small group or bible study? Socialization is one thing, but what we really need is community.

  2. I think the Y has a mom's exercise group that you can do with your kids. Check that out.
    I understand depression. I do. I've been through it. The good thing about Depression, Faith, is that you're NOT hopeless. There is hope to hold on to and even though you have hope it may not feel warm and fuzzy, but the object of your hope, God... will bring you through to brighter days.
    See if a lady friend in your church could just come over and drink some tea with you or meet up at a park with you. Don't be afraid to tell someone you need them. that's what your church community is there for.
    When you serve and give...especially as a wife and mother... you sometimes feel like you can't need someone. But there are times when you need to say to someone, I'm weak, I need daily encouragement, I need help, I need someone to be there for ME instead of me for them. It's okay.


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