Friday, September 18, 2009

he would be 17 today

Today is my little brother Ian's birthday. He would be seventeen today if he had not died in January. It's a really sad day for me and my family. Here's a link to a post I did back in January with some photos of us. I miss him so much.
The photo is of Ian and my daughter Beth in 2004

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

well, that was fun.

It's funny how when these long weekends come around I look forward to having all this extra time to upload photos and maybe edit them, and then actually have less time than usual to do any of it! Also it's kind of funny how I actually enjoyed looking forward to the long weekend more than the long weekend itself. So anyway I am just now loading my photos from the entire week onto my computer! Needless to say I won't be posting a weeks worth of photos of the day tonight.
This afternoon my kitchen looked like a veritable commercial for swiffer mops. When we moved into our home almost three years ago it was the first time I'd ever lived in a house that had wood floors. The first time I went to mop it I felt a little panic as I thumbed through my book "Home Comforts" which is like a freaking house keeping encyclopedia. I've been cleaning my floors on my hands and knees using towels ever since (like once every six months). My floors look amazing! But I really hate it when I clean one part of my house and that makes me realize how much all the rest needs to be cleaned!!!! Like today when I was cleaning the floor I was noticing how badly my cabinets need to be washed, and the counter tops needed to be spot-treated, and the bookshelves need to be organized....
Or whatever. My motto at the moment is that one day I will be a fabulous housekeeper, but not while my kids are little. Looking back I can not believe how much I beat myself up for not being able to stay on top of housework while I had a baby. I never realized how much just caring for a baby takes from a woman! Now my perspective is so different. If we are fed then the dishes are done. If there is clean laundry in a basket then the laundry is done. End of story. I'm not going to feel guilty.
It has become so much easier now that Josiah is learning some of the rules and not getting into trouble every single waking second and I know that things are only going to get easier in that way as time goes on. But it's nice, sometimes, to exert some control into my chaos and clean something. It's so beautiful.
Today Josiah was so in love with the bubbles on top of my mop water. The other day I put a drop of dish soap into a large pot and ran warm water into it. It made a mound of bubbles that I scooped off into a little pie pan for K-A & J to play in. They loved it!! So I guess Josiah thought this was the same thing. He got bubbles all over himself. Thankfully I was almost finished!
As always there are more photos on my Flickr site - some 365 out-takes from today's bubble-face boy!

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