Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night I was irate with my bank (stupid bank fees) so I stayed up too late last night browsing through 365 project groups on Flickr, so I woke up late and was the mom from hell rushing around trying to get ready and we still missed the bus. For the third time since school has started. {sigh} So I took the kids to school and headed to work - I honestly don't know how all those full-time working moms manage. All day yesterday I went around thinking that today was going to be Friday - I was so unprepared for today!! I've not had the greatest of days and the photos I took today were totally mediocre.
This is a shot of the cereal I had for lunch. It's totally rockin' really love it, really. When I was a kid I used to LOVE strawberry shredded wheat. This is even better than the stuff I had as a kid.


other version here

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