Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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I can't seem to think in words today. Maybe it is because I had my first day shift at the gym where I work in the childcare area. It's an awesome job for me because the hours are light and I can bring my kids to work with me! But today was crazy - feeding two babies at once, trying to console three crying children at once. Yeah, this nips that baby-bug right in the bud every time.

Good news - the a/c guy was out to our house today and now it's only 85 degrees in the house! Down from 90 that it was earlier.

Anyway - here are my pitifully few photos from K-A's B-Day:K-A



I took a bunch of the kids this morning while they were waiting for the bus.
This one is my 365 pic:

Katie-Abigail was singing a song for everyone while we waited for the bus.

Beth decided she could do it better.

They all sat and listened quietly.

(my mom made K-A's crown for her birthday)

When the bus finally came Josiah was SO excited!!
"yay!!" (clapping)
"the bus is coming!!"
come!! by you. "come on bus, come!"

You can see more pics of kiddos eating pops this afternoon on my flickr site.

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