Monday, August 31, 2009

Starting things up again

Okay, I'm back from my blogging hiatus. Things are getting back to normal. Josiah is sleeping better and I am so greatful for that. I just got back from grocery shopping, after working until 8pm and then putting the kids to bed. I am utterly exhausted. But I do have a photo! It's actually taken yesterday. We were on our way back from going to chocolate pink, which turned out to be a somewhat bad experience. It was way too small and not a delicious as a lot of the raves hyped it up to be. I am just really glad I used a groupon. I will never take all four kids there again.
Anyway, I got my hair cut!! I've been plotting it for months. I took advantage of a special that the salon at Ulta was having and got a temporary color wash added really close to my natural hair color, which I REALLY like, and I got one of the best $35 haircuts EVER! If only I could figure out how to style it now that I have the cut! :)

I took this in the van by myself. Yeah, not to well planned out or anything. I took several but I like this the best because of the nice bright light reducing the undereye circles and over-abundance of freckles I also like the nice muted colors. This is SOOC.
If you're doing a 365 project let me know by leaving a comment!!!

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