Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My biggest problem with my last 365 project was processing. I was taking photographs and not posting anything because I didn't have the time to process/edit/photoshop/whatever like I wanted to. So this time around I don't think I've processed a single image in my 365 set, which means that I've been posting and working on my 365 project they are not as great as I would like them to be.
Today Josiah is not feeling well so it's one of those stay in jammies drinking coffee till ten kinda' mornings so I thought I'd process a few of this month's pics. I only got to one, so this will have to do.
Today was also a great day for food for us, I made some scrummylicious cream cheese french toast for breakfast and a rockin-out hovan roll for lunch. I guess I was on a cream cheese kick today.
This is my 365 photo of the day:

Listening to this and this today.

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