Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of School!!

Today was Beth & Emma's first day of school! Beth came home saying her days was "perfect" and that she got to have a "long talk" with a friend she hasn't seen all summer and Emma is thrilled to have a teacher that "doesn't yell"!! This first day went so much better than their first day of school last year. Last year I was so anxious and when Beth came home to say that all she'd learned how to do was stand in lines (she called in "line-ing") I seriously wondered if I'd made the right decision. This year I felt totally different. I missed them, and the house seemed way quieter without my two big girls but it was also a lot easier and less overwhelming.
I had more time to really discipline Josiah who is coming into those "terrible twos" and needs a LOT of dicsipline/instruction/redirection so it's nice to have more time to really deal with it rather than to just do whatever it takes to get him to stop crying. This afternoon I sat down to read in my comfy chair in the basement while the two little kids played. I'm reading "Divine Nobodies" and enjoying it for the most part. Here is something that has stuck with me - the process of our healing (emotional, physical, spiritual etc.) is not for the purpose of becoming healed it is for the purpose of knowing our Healer. We've talked about that idea in our crazy love book group at church only we put it a different way - do I want God or do I just want His stuff? This is a very challenging question if you look at it honestly.
I also went to the gym and worked out which was super-nice. I have about ten pounds to loose now and I'd like them gone by Christmas. It's getting really hard for me to loose weight so I've decided to 1) stick to a Monday, Wednesday & Friday workout schedule - Wednsday is my yoga class - love it! 2)avoid McDonalds like the plague - I've already cut back on the number of times we eat out for reasons of money but now I'm going to try to totally cut it out as completely as I can - my husband is a McD adict so it's somewhat inevitable but I can do what I can to avoid eating out. And when we go there I'll get a salad -something I never do anymore (it takes SO long to eat and isn't as filling as a burger) or the grilled chicken sandwich. 3) drumroll please I've decided to not eat ice cream until Christmas. I LOVE ice cream and I eat at least a little nearly every night. This includes milkshakes and Wendy's frostees. I will however still allow myself to eat Rita's Italian Ice (heaven in a cup especially with a little twirl of iced custard on top! I need to stop or I'll start craving it) and sherbet. I might buy a carton of frozen yogurt so that I can make fruit smoothies but NO ICE CREAM (untill Christmastime). Take that you flab!
Okay so here is my (lousy) 365 shot for the day. In my defense my camera's battery died after I took the first shot so that is what I had to make do with. I was wearing such a cute top too - wish I'd been able to catch more of it in the shot. Oh well. I'll try it again tomorrow.

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