Saturday, July 11, 2009

a little change

Hey there. It's been a while now since I posted last but well - you know - life happens and so blogging doesn't. I lost an enormous amount of sleep over the fourth of july weekend and still haven’t made it up. I’ve been staying up watching movies like Made of Honor (which was romantic but okay, like He’s Just Not That Into You was) Inkheart (which was terrible - nothing that I loved about the book and way too scary for a family/children’s film) and Knowing (which was totally awful and completely stupid) but I rented Camp Rock for the kids and loved it - how silly is that?!
I've been sorting through things this weekend. Packing up some of it, selling some of it and generally experiencing a renewed sensation of how terribly blessed I am. Like I have an entire second living room set of furniture in my basement - that we never sit in. But as I was listing the furniture on craigslist I realized that the recliner I was trying to sell for $30 was actually a terribly comfy chair - one of the best in the house - but was totally underappreciated and underused. I removed that listing and enjoyed sitting in it this morning sipping coffee and reading crazy love (which is another blog post entirely) while the kids played with their garage toys.
I also ran across some old notebooks from a couple of years ago. I’m a notebook kind of woman. I always have a notebook going with journaling, lists, poems, story ideas etc. I read some of the poems I’d written on the last few pages and thought I’d like to post them here sometime.
I watched the movie Marley and Me the other day and I loved the idea of writing a column - that sounds so exciting and romantic to me - how silly. Anyway, all of a sudden I realized that I already am a columnist right here on my own little blog.
So all of this to say that you can expect to see the content of this blog changed up dramatically. It'll still be a lot of photos but also a little poetry and thoughts about books, music, movies and glimpse into my crazy-beautiful life. I’ve added a “labels” box to the right and will try to label my blog posts more faithfully so that you can just jump to whatever content interests you.

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