Thursday, July 30, 2009

365 take 2

Just a couple more days and summer will be officialy OVER at our house! I never thought I would be looking forward to this day so much! The first month of summer break was wonderful and I dreamed about homeschooling again, but now I'm just so over it. I've gained back in two months every single pound I lost since January plus added a couple more. I'm a stressed out wreck, at moments feeling resentful, and overwhelmed pretty much 24/7. I adore my children - just not the bickering and the whining and the demanding and the resulting discipline for the aforementioned bickering, whining, etc. July just rushed by and while we did more fun stuff like swiming and going to the beach I feel like I've been totally exhausted for an entire month!

So to kick off this season I've decided to do a new 365 project. Or rather start my 365 project over again since I never finished the first one. I'll be focusing on school days, recording how my girls and I change through the school year.

Here is a photo of Emma who is six and going into first grade on the afternoon of ther teacher's meet n greet!

Today is my girl's school's open house and teacher meet-n-greet, so I got out all of the clothes I bought for B&E and am washing them. They look so cute in their new clothes! This year I bought their clothes new for the first time in forever. Beth just jumped categories in her clothes she's now officially in the"juniors" category and I couldn't believe how expensive her pants were!! We ended up getting a couple basic pairs at WalMart and Target for about seven bucks but everywhere else it was insanly expensive.

We met thier teacher this evening and now the girls are full-throttle excited about school starting!

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