Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the website saga begins

I'm SUPER excited because I just purchased my first website from BluDomain I sat down to work and got no farther than the splash page!! That is the opening page that lets you choose between going to the blog or the main site. I've got up to four links available but I thought I'd stick with just two one going to the main site and one going to the blog.
I've up now at 3am just finishing up some prototypes and still have no clue what two pictures to use for my opening page!! Let me know if any of these look good to you and feel free to make suggestions from my flickr site.








  1. I like #9. The ballet picture in the field shows off your creativity the best, and with the picture of you as the picture to enter the blog, it fits well with the idea of learning more about you via the blog.
    That's my two cents. :)
    I'm excited for you about the new site!

  2. I have heard a lot of good things from photographers who have used BluDomain. I'm sure your new website will be terrific. Some thoughts on your front page:

    1 - Great idea but I don't think it is indicative of your work

    2 - Good composition but not my favorite

    3 - Both looking in the same direction makes it feel off

    4 - Photo on right isn't your strongest

    5 - I like this one

    6 - Good but not standout

    7 - Sweet

    8 - Silly

    9 - Gets my vote. The photo on the left is your style and says something about you as a photographer. The photo on the rights is a reflection of your photography style applied to you and is appropriate to lead to your blog. If I went to the front page and saw these two photos I could easily distinguish the commercial/photography from the blog.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.

  3. thank you SO much Geoff & Heather. You know, I almost didn't even post the last one!! But I really like it too.

  4. I agree that #9 shows Faith's work perfectly and it's very fitting that the blog should have a photo of Faith herself!

    P.S I also like #5



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