Monday, June 29, 2009

Neisha's pregnancy session preview

So on a rather rainy Sunday afternoon Neisha and I headed out on a last-minute pregnancy photoshoot. She is due any day now but was a wonderful model! She really looks so beautiful and she knew how to hold herself in ways that made it easy to get great shots.
I've got TONS more to process but I wanted to give Neisha a little sneak-peak into what I'm working on!

Friday, June 26, 2009

gotta love something free

Betty Corcker is offering a free 52 page magnetic "fridge friend" just for being a member!! Sweet!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Emma!

Emma's turned six on Thursday! It was a really nice day and Daniel & I got some pretty good photos of her on her special day! Emma has been asking to get her ears pierced ever since she started Kindergarten and Daniel & I told her "when you turn six" and she reminded us ever since! So we took her as a family - the first one - to get her ears pierced. She looks SO cute!!!!
the fam
being silly (photo by Daniel)
after (photo by Daniel)
photo by Daniel
ice cream after!
Daddy's girl
I asked her to do a "peace out" for me - this is what she gave!!
There are LOTS more on Flickr - but you have to be a friend/family contact to see them.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a super-silly blogpost

I know this is really silly but I created one of those "how well do you know me" polls that are so popular on Facebook here is mine:

1) What is my middle name?
a) Johanna
b) Hannah
c) Anna
d) Anne
e) Ann - same as a lot of women on my mom's side of the family. My oldest daughter's middle name is also Ann

2) What is my favorite movie?
a) The Matrix - though I do really like it.
b) Mr. & Mrs. Smith - I think it's one of the sexiest movies I've ever enjoyed watching.
c) Pride & Prejudice - I've watched it a zillion times, at least, and can quote several versions of it extensively.
d) Finding Neverland - but it's a really beautiful movie.
e) Only Angels Have Wings - an oldie that I really do like.

3) What is my favorite food?
a) Hot Wings (ick!)
b) Pizza - oh yeah baby!
c) Salad - yes, I do really like salad a lot too!
d) Sub Sandwich - a regular part of my diet.
e) Spaghetti - boooring!
(I also considered adding "Ice Cream" but then I wasn't sure if I like Pizza or Ice Cream more.)

4)What is my favorite color?
a) Blue - peaceful
b) Teal - tranquil
c) Yellow - happy
d) Purple - calm & creative - a mix of red and blue.
e) Red - dramatic

I thought of making this an "If I was a color, what color would I be...?" personality question. A lot of people choose blue. I think that's the "aura" (or whatever) of my personality but I think purple is more true to all that creative and dramatic stuff that lies barried beneath my social anxiety.

5) How old was I when I married Daniel?
a) 15
b) 17 - yep! Without pregnancy and with my parents approval - what was I thinking?!!
c) 19
d) 21
e) 23

6) How any childen did Daniel & I plan on having?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 6 - but Daniel started saying "enough!" at #2
d) 8
e) 12

7) What is my favorte drink?
a) Mocha
b) Espresso
c) Black Coffee
d) Chai Tea
This is another personality question for me. I was surprised that some people thought I was espresso, not surprised that some people chose Chai Tea but I'm a Mocha girl - all the way. Cozy and sweet.

8) What countries do I want to visit?
a) Italy & Mexico
b) Italy & Jamaica
c) Italy & Africa
d) Italy & China
e) Italy & France
My brother in-law noted that Africa is not a country. Yeah, it's a continent. I should have written Uganda instead, but I really want to visit the Congo and South Africa too. No one got this question right. Mostly it was Jamaica or France with one China. Hmmmmm.

9) If I was a character in a Jane Austen book who would I be?
a) Elizabeth Bennett (Pride & Prejudice)
I see my older sister Kathryn as being more this kind of person. She's strong-minded and strongly disliked the man she later married! And I think my little sister, Abigail is the perfect Jane Bennett.
b) Charlotte Lucas (Pride & Prejudice)
I see my sister in-law Heather as being this character - she married a man she didn't know very well and has made the best of it and choosen to be quite happily married.
c) Eleanor Dashwood (Sense & Sensability)
I see myself the most in Eleanor Dashwood. My husband became engaged to another woman while I was in love with him. I try to be a rock to my mother, and while I am probably more romantic that Eleanor I think I have her same reserve.
d) Marianne Dashwood (Sense & Sensability)
I am absolutly not like her at all.
e) Anne Elliot (Persuasion)
One of my favorite characters of all of the Jane Austen books.

10) What did I want to name Josiah if he'd been a girl?
a) Marianne
b) Julia
c) Jane - my vote was for Jane Adelaide Daniel was totally against it but we never did choose a girls name for Josiah.
d) Moira
e) Elianna

11) If I had an hour to myself what would I do?
a) Work out at the gym
b) Watch a movie
c) Clean my house
d) Read a book (or take a nap!)
e) Talk on the phone


I launched my new website (hosted by BluDomain) today!! It was SO much easier to use their template than anything I've ever tried to do before and it all looks fantastic. It should be the only website I ever need - there's lots of space to expand!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the website saga begins

I'm SUPER excited because I just purchased my first website from BluDomain I sat down to work and got no farther than the splash page!! That is the opening page that lets you choose between going to the blog or the main site. I've got up to four links available but I thought I'd stick with just two one going to the main site and one going to the blog.
I've up now at 3am just finishing up some prototypes and still have no clue what two pictures to use for my opening page!! Let me know if any of these look good to you and feel free to make suggestions from my flickr site.







Saturday, June 6, 2009

the silly things these kiddos say - plus pics

The other day the kids were all singing and dancing making up their own songs about what a fabulous group of sisters they were. Emma started fussing and I said "Emma you are being such a diva" so of course they all wanted to know what they were. "Emma is a diva" I said "and Katie-Abigail is a Rock Star" and Beth said "and I'm a pop sensation."

Today Emma was babbling about her birthday and she said "it's just a couple of weeks until my birthday! And then I get more junk!"

Yesterday Katie-Abigail came up to me and said "Mommy, before you and Daddy got married was he your gentleman and you were a princess?"

Oh, and today I was charged $63 for a seedless watermellon!! Getting the refund was a hassle too - the computer tried to refund me $100 for it. How weird is that? I'm just glad that I checked my reciept!

Monday, June 1, 2009

some super-awesome coupon combos

Hello there - are you ready for some super-awesome coupon combinations?!
I cam going to buy two packages of Kraft American Singles and two packages of Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat and I'll save $5 in coupons using:
$1 off (2) Kraft Cheese slices Kroger coupon from direct-mailer
$1 off (2) Oscar Mayer lunchmeat Kroger coupon from direct mailer
$1 off (2) Oscar Mayer lunchmeat manufacturers coupon from newspaper
$1 off buy one Oscar Mayer lunchmeat and one kraft cheese slices from
$1 off (2) Kraft Cheese slices from
I'll buy two Suddenly Salad pasta mixes and save $2.50
$0.35 from
$0.35 from
$0.40 from
+ $0.40 Kroger double coupon
$0.50 manufacturer's coupon from newspaper
+ $0.50 Kroger double coupon
I'll buy two packages of yoplait Gogurt and save $3.15
$0.75 on (2) manufacturer's coupon from newspaper
$0.80 on (2) from
$0.40 on (1) from
+ $0.40 Kroger double coupon
$0.80 on(2) from
Feel free to leave your latest grocery store victories as a comment! :-)
My total coupon savings this trip: $16.75
My total grocery bill $60.02

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