Monday, May 18, 2009

yet more coupons!!

This was an AWESOME week to be clipping coupons. I could hardly believe how many awesome coupon and deals there are this week! Plus I found yet another coupon printing site!! You can print a few coupons at and if you sign up on you can get duplicate printable coupons from which is great if you want another coupon for sliced cheese or salad dressing etc.
At Kroger they have a special - buy $15 in Huggies products and get $3 off! Plus I had a $3 off cellfire coupon plus a $3 off Manufacturers coupon! That totally rocks.
update - at Kroger they have a special on Oscar Meier Weiners - 4 for $5 I used two $1 off 2 coupons so I ended up paying about 75 cents per package for hot dogs!

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes I see such good deals on diapers that I want to buy them just to say I got such a good deal on them!
    I need Mark to reinstall Windows on our computer so I can print more off of these websites. Right now I can't print off any from the internet :(
    We really need to sit down and swap cheap tricks... I bet if we combined forces, they'd be paying US for groceries! :)

    ps- I just signed up for cellfire. I'm trying to load all the ecoupons I can on my Kroger card so I can go there and combine with my coupons in hand and save a bundle!


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