Friday, May 15, 2009

Petite Ballerina week two

I've finally finished processing the portrait section of last week's preschool ballet recital. This job went SO much better than the pevious one and the results are much better too!

This was actually the last girl of the session. It makes sense to start here, right? I have an insane number of awesome pics of this random little girl. But isn't she just the cutest little thing?!

She pretty much posed herself like this!

As I moved her to this spot her little brother came running to have his picture taken too!!

Grandma came runing with her camera to get in on the action and said "give her a hug"

Here's another sibling pic. This little girl's sister reminded me SO much of my K-A

0696(3) by you.
This little girl enjoyed being with me the most. After I was done with her she sat nearby and watched the next girl or two get her picture taken.

This little girl could be a model, she is so stinking photogenic!

0641 by you.
This was the first one of the shoot. She was such a babydoll :-)

0777(4) by you.
The location I picked for them to do their ballarina poses turned out to be less than ideal so I messed around quite a lot with processing tecniques - this is one with a soft focus. I also played around with creating a vignette by hand with a transparency brush - sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't! I created a dark layer and then brushed over the subject to reveal the lighter layer underneath. You can see a bunch more on my flickr site.

Here's one with a texture, which I always find to be a fine art! It's so stinking hard to get these right! I'm pretty satisfied with this one. I don't think it distracts from the ballerina too much. It was pretty quick and easy to apply.
I used a different texture on this and blended it with the transparency brush by hand. This is one of my best dark ones, I think.
Here's another textured one.
Here's one that is hand-tinted. Again, I used a transparency brush to get the tint. The top layer s B&W. Undeneath is the color image. I had the brush set at about 10% for the skin, %20 for the dress and about 70%for the details. This is the first one I've done by hand like this so I'd love to hear any comments/criticisms you might have of it.
Same girl - against that horrid wall. This time I think it worked.
One last one. This is that first blurred one (it was called a soft focus action, I think) with a textured overlay that replicates a vintage camera. I think this is a pretty nostalgic look and I can't help but love it. There are two versions of this on flickr - I'd love to know which one you like better.
It never ceases to amaze me when I take a photograph and take it a hundred miles from where I began turning it into something completely different.

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