Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Vacation

We finally took our family's first vacation this weekend. My plan was originally to go by myself with the kids and drive to Michigan to spend a week or two at my great-grandmother's cottage but it became pretty obvious that it wasn't going to work out - between Josiah being the all-boy handful that he is and our van developing an overheating issue it just wasn't going to work out. So we switched plans and decided to take a mini-vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
We left on Friday after the big kids got out of school and arrived at our motel in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Between the late night caffeine, the sounds of the city night-life and a very uncomfy pillow - I slept for maybe two or three hours and woke to find my monthly gift had unexpectedly arrived! So after a quick trip to the mini-mart we hit the ocean and had a blast. It was the kid's first experience of the ocean and they enjoyed taking turns going out into deeper water with Mommy or Daddy and hunting for hermit crabs and sea shells.
We kept things simple and just ate PB&J while the kids rotated through the bathtub. I crashed with the little ones while Daniel took Beth out to explore the city a little. When he came home Emma was asleep so I took the awake kids into the kiddy pool. I could not watch three kids in a four to nine foot pool by myself in an unfamiliar area. I'm sure there are moms who can but I am just not one of them. After Emma woke up we she and Daniel joined us at the pool and I went to the van to get the floaties. While I was in the parking lot Katie-Abigail jumped right into the deep end of the pool and Daniel had to rescue her. It was VERY scary. Katie-Abigail was completely fine, just the usual sputter from getting a face full of water. I think it scared Daniel & I more than it scared her. We put water wings and floaty vests on the kids and tried again. Beth could have stayed in the pool for the rest of the day! But we wanted to hit the beach one more time before packing it up for the day. The ocean was very different in the afternoon than it had been in the morning, the waves were a lot bigger and I think the tide had gone out a little. The kids enjoyed collecting shells - we found some amazing ones! Mostly they threw them back into the ocean but Beth managed to save a big bag full. Emma decided she wanted to paint hers - what an interesting idea - so we'll probably do that tomorrow.

After cleaning up we went to Friendly's restaurant and set a new record for how much we have payed for a single meal, but it was SO good and included ice cream for all the kids.
These are all selfies taken on my little cell phone camera.
Daniel took this in the morning
In the morning we checked out an stopped at KrispyKreme doughnuts. I LOVE to buy them in the store now and then but there is not a store in our area. Doughnuts are the kids new favorite special day breakfast and it was so fun to let the kids each choose their own. I got the Chocolate glazed creme-filled and a New York Cheesecake doughnut -and it was worth every single calorie.

Such a short vacation, really just one day. But I think that's all the vacation Josiah could handle. He's EXHAUSTED! Poor little guy. It was a looong drive - only nine hours or so, but still - with four little kids - a long drive. I brought a Francine Rivers novel that my sister in-law lent me based on the story of Hosea. It was really hard to get through the first couple of chapters but I'm really enjoying it.
Today is the first day of the big kids' summer vacation. It's gone fine so far but the first day is usually the easiest. I taped a big calendar on the wall and put mini sticky notes on it with ideas for things to do. The girls' teachers gave them each lots of extra worksheets that we're going to do daily.
My goals for the summer is simple: spend time with my kids, gently work on their attitudes, get a hair cut and a tan. That's it. Everything else can wait. Oh, and as always there are more pictures on my Flickr site!

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