Friday, May 15, 2009

more random stuff

I tried one of those Pepsi throwback drinks with only natural sugar. You know it's bad when on the nutrition label they show the serving as only half the bottle. The whole thing has 260 calories and 67 grams of sugar! Whereas the Pepsi I bought for Daniel has zero calories, zero carbs and zero grams of sugar. How the heck do they do that?! I guess the stuff is basically flavored aspartame water - which is kind of gross when you think about it but zero calories - now that is so tempting!

I'm registering my girls for ballet today (God willing) and they are SO excited!! I'm taking them to the local church's ballet program where prices for classes start at just $18 a month!! I'm hoping that the program will be serious enough, I don't want them to learn sloppy technique or anything. I've wanted to have them in dance class since Beth was was three but just couldn't afford it. I'm so happy about this!

I'm listening to a bunch of Brooke Fraiser songs on YouTube hmm, maybe I should check out her myspace page - I bet there's more there! Anyway, I heard her song "Shadowfeet" the one that goes "I'll be found in you" over and over - it's SO beautiful! I also LOVE the song "Faithful" one of my faves!

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