Friday, April 3, 2009

random stuff

I'm sitting down to a nice warm bowl of pasta and "papa john" cheese - this is what Katie-Abigail is calling my jar of what she thinks is "Parmesan" cheese but it's actually Romano. I've got so many little things to blog about.
I've been spring cleaning(ish). I don't know if I'll get so far as an actual top to bottom scrub and reorganization but I did clean both of the kids rooms which was a four hour undertaking. It makes me rather upset when I clean up their rooms, they do a tidying up every (let's be honest) once in a while but when I do my thorough clean-out-underneath-the bed-AND-dressers and vacuum every inch of carpet in their rooms - well, obviously, it takes a while. And along the way I find gazillions of scraps of paper, candy wrappers and lolly-pop sticks (from when they've snuck candy into their room) dirty socks and miscellaneous pieces of unworn clothing that somehow didn't make it back into their drawers. I found some gum in the carpet and a little bit of vomit that I'd missed during the last round of sickness. Yeah, it's so gross. Meanwhile K-A has diarrhea. Thankfully she's still small enough that I can put one of Josiah's diapers on her - that is a mess I do not want to have to clean up repeatedly today. As I was washing up her PJs this morning I was thinking that there was some kind of uber-gross song that I used to sing about diarrhea when I was a kid. hmmm.
So on to other, less gross topics - I joined and I highly recommend it! I have joined two playgroups online and that has been nice. I've only gone to a couple of activitites so far but it's been nice to get to meet other moms in the area. On Tuesday I went on a "mom's night out" with oe of the playgroups. We went to a BareEscentuals "make-under" event and then out for drinks. I was out until 11pm which I never do. It's surprising to me how many people are out that late on a Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun and I got a fabulous little free gift.

While Katie-Abigail and I were eating lunch today she said "Now I'm about to be five" I think she doesn't want to admit that four is a number. She likes to skip it when she counts and is pretty adamant that she's almost five. I'm hoping that she learns to count a little bit better before her birthday in August.

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