Sunday, April 12, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I like Easter. It never was a huge deal when I was growing up, some years we got to choose a pattern for new Easter dresses, that was pretty much it. This year Easter was the first holiday since my little brother's death. I really enjoyed spending time with family it was a very bright spot on a rather darkish day.
But then I got home a discovered how much candy my children had brought home and honestly it's enough to make me start giving my children wheat grass and organic bananas or do that "raw for a year" diet. (sigh) We still have candy in our cupboard from the fourth of July parade!! I just don't understand why we enjoy poisoning our children so much! All the sugar & artificial colors and flavorings and preservatives. Ick. I try to be moderate and reasonable about it but stuff like this just really irks me. So I took a picture of this horrible sight to remind myself to not allow a repeat of this next year.

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