Monday, April 27, 2009

photographers shooting each other

Yesterday I had a photoshoot scheduled, it as pretty big for me so I'd asked my husbands best friend, who is also a photogapher, to come help. Well the client didn't show so we walked around main street in historic downtown Woodstock showing each other some of our favorite places to photogaph clients. It was a lot of fun and we found some great new locations. You can see Josh's photos here
Here are a few pics I took of Josh:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Website

I've been thinking that it's time to re-vamp the website. I've got a lot of new photos for my gallery and some new pricing packages, plus it's almost time to renew my domain/hosting so I have been thinking about doing a new site through BluDomain. I made my current website by hand witout a template with the help of a little Java code script creator for the slideshow and I think my lack of html knowledge really shows.
So check out this page These templates are all just so TOTALLY awesome! I'm thinking of choosing:

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Don't get me wrong, I like Easter. It never was a huge deal when I was growing up, some years we got to choose a pattern for new Easter dresses, that was pretty much it. This year Easter was the first holiday since my little brother's death. I really enjoyed spending time with family it was a very bright spot on a rather darkish day.
But then I got home a discovered how much candy my children had brought home and honestly it's enough to make me start giving my children wheat grass and organic bananas or do that "raw for a year" diet. (sigh) We still have candy in our cupboard from the fourth of July parade!! I just don't understand why we enjoy poisoning our children so much! All the sugar & artificial colors and flavorings and preservatives. Ick. I try to be moderate and reasonable about it but stuff like this just really irks me. So I took a picture of this horrible sight to remind myself to not allow a repeat of this next year.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

my kiddos

Katie-Abigail has been unwell this week - thus the lack of pics of her. She had a fever all weekend, took her to the Dr. on Monday and she tested positive for strep. So all of our plans for the week went out the window and we are hanging out in Jammies watching movies.
We played dress-up one night and I let the girls have the body glitter that Aunt Heather gave us all those months ago. We bring it out now and then and I almost always take photos of them - they are just too cute! Last time I took this picture of Emma.
On Sunday I came in to say goodnight to Beth and found her using her Daddy's kindle reader light to help her write her plan for the week.

Now I'm struggling with the Blockbuster Online movie rental downloads trying to download "Another Cinderella Story" for the girls to watch this afternoon. MovieLink used to be SO easy to use. (sigh) I'm off to re-start my computer now.

Friday, April 3, 2009

random stuff

I'm sitting down to a nice warm bowl of pasta and "papa john" cheese - this is what Katie-Abigail is calling my jar of what she thinks is "Parmesan" cheese but it's actually Romano. I've got so many little things to blog about.
I've been spring cleaning(ish). I don't know if I'll get so far as an actual top to bottom scrub and reorganization but I did clean both of the kids rooms which was a four hour undertaking. It makes me rather upset when I clean up their rooms, they do a tidying up every (let's be honest) once in a while but when I do my thorough clean-out-underneath-the bed-AND-dressers and vacuum every inch of carpet in their rooms - well, obviously, it takes a while. And along the way I find gazillions of scraps of paper, candy wrappers and lolly-pop sticks (from when they've snuck candy into their room) dirty socks and miscellaneous pieces of unworn clothing that somehow didn't make it back into their drawers. I found some gum in the carpet and a little bit of vomit that I'd missed during the last round of sickness. Yeah, it's so gross. Meanwhile K-A has diarrhea. Thankfully she's still small enough that I can put one of Josiah's diapers on her - that is a mess I do not want to have to clean up repeatedly today. As I was washing up her PJs this morning I was thinking that there was some kind of uber-gross song that I used to sing about diarrhea when I was a kid. hmmm.
So on to other, less gross topics - I joined and I highly recommend it! I have joined two playgroups online and that has been nice. I've only gone to a couple of activitites so far but it's been nice to get to meet other moms in the area. On Tuesday I went on a "mom's night out" with oe of the playgroups. We went to a BareEscentuals "make-under" event and then out for drinks. I was out until 11pm which I never do. It's surprising to me how many people are out that late on a Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun and I got a fabulous little free gift.

While Katie-Abigail and I were eating lunch today she said "Now I'm about to be five" I think she doesn't want to admit that four is a number. She likes to skip it when she counts and is pretty adamant that she's almost five. I'm hoping that she learns to count a little bit better before her birthday in August.

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