Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hiyas bloggy people! I hope your weekend has been as nice as mine! I got to do a photoshoot on Saturday morning with a girl with a beautiful name - Camille - isn't that nice?! She's not actually getting married she just had the dress so she bought a veil to go with it! We got a lot of comments from people driving by congratulating her etc. How fun! See more here

Then I spent the whole day with the fam! We ate out at Johnny's Pizza (the BOMB!) and had some Italian Ice's at Ritas for the first time this year. I forgot how much I LOVE going there! I get a gelati which is a mix of the ice and the custard - delish!
Today I took the kids out so that Daniel could make calls to set up work for this week. We ended up at WalMart and I bought a new wallet - finally! I've had this one for like ten years and it hasn't zipped closed for a couple of years now. The girls helped me pick it out. ha!

For dinner we did our traditional pancake dinner only tonight ate them with strawberries and pineapple on top. I got out cream cheese and cottage cheese and yogurt too. It was SO good!!
I've got dozens of pics to post but this'll have to do for tonight! L8er

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