Monday, March 16, 2009

Publshed again!

Seeing my photography used on someone's website is such a great feeling. It's validating, I guess or something like that. Anyway, my photography is featured in the new and for the most part it looks really good. The photos are from my first real photography job! They are really the people who started it all for me. They apperciated my work enough to ask me to photograph them. My reply to Leigh-Anne at the time was something like "just so long as you understand that you might not get anything usable for your website." she said "I think you will." So then about a month later we meet in downown Woodstock and it's raining! So I threw my carefully laid out plan into my camera bag and with Josiah on my hip and my camera in one hand I took this photoset. At the time they were working on their myspace page for their cover-group.
You can also see my photography is use at revive consignment and tea&traditions

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  1. way to go, Faith! this gives me hope that someday maybe I can sell some of my photographs, too! maybe i will have a fun and interesting way of being able to make money without being tied down to a "job".


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