Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol - the final 10

Motown night. Hmmmmm. I've been wondering this week about tonight. Will Danny find an instrumental power ballad? Will Adam totally wreck another song? Will Scott pick another awkward "artistic" song?

Matt - oh my goodness! I thought he did such an awesome job. I was sitting there thinking "I hope he gets out from behind the piano sometime" and then he did! He was awesome tonight

Kris- totally amazing!!! He was awesome! I've kind of wondered how long he'd last in this competition but tonight I thought he proved that he has a place here and a shot at maybe winning.

Scott - yeah, not digging it. yaaawn.

I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine now, wish I had some Ice Cream tonight.

Oh, good grief, would someone please just wake me up when Danny performs? Because Meagan totally tanked tonight. 100% crash and burn, baby.

Anoop still looks uncomfortable, like he doesn't know what to do or where to look. He had some really brilliant moments.

Gotta love Michael - he's such a sweet guy and I really want him to win but he's just not nailing it. Not like some of the other guys. I really hope he makes it another couple weeks and can turn it around.

Adam - what the heck? That's really all you can ever say about him, just this week, with the Elvis hair and everything. He never ceases to surprise.

Danny - he really worked the stage tonight. I'm not a huge fan of Danny anymore, it's just the same every week and not really unique.

YAY for Allison!!! That was AWESOME and totally worth waiting for!!!

My bottom three: Scott, Anoop & Meagan.

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