Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apparently I can't help myself

So I just got back from grocery shopping and apparently I simply can not contain myself and have to share a little bit of the super-awesome deals and links I found this morning.
First of all - did you know that Publix is having a reusable shopping bag campaign? If you buy two participating General Mills products you receive a free Publix reusable shopping bag - which are WAY better than plastic bags. Publix is also having some great buy one get one free sales. One of the best deals I got at Publix was one I discovered on the Tribal Talk blog Publix has Arm & Hammer laundry detergent for just $3.99 plus I printed off a $1 off coupon and saved even more! Then I printed off a $4 coupon for Knox which if you only buy the plain gelatin gives you an "overage" which is money that applies to your grocery bill beyond the cost of the item you're buying - how cool is that? Here is something from Southern Savers that I learned today (and wish I'd known about earlier)
1. You do not have to buy 2 of the B1G1 items to get the sale price
2. If you do buy 2 items that are B1G1 make sure you use 2 coupons to get the best deal
3. Publix accepts competitors coupons (you can stack with a manufacturers coupon and a Publix coupon too)
4. You can use a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item
5. Most Publix locations double manufacturer coupons that are .50¢ or less
**1 & 5 do not apply to Florida stores**For a detailed explanation of Publix’s coupon policy go
I thought that was very helpful. Also Publix is runing this special where if you buy one of the national brands and a Publx brand (on selected items) you get the Publix brand for Free - so bascally a BOGO offer. Which was very handy.
Moving onto my Kroger shopping trip - this is where I do most of my shopping so that I can get a 10 cent per gallon discount on gas @ the Kroger gas station - they were doing a buy 4 Quaker products get $4 off so I did that plus I had $1 off coupon for 2 boxes of Life cereal so that worked out nicely. They were also doing a promotion $3 off any three Proctor & Gamble participating products. One of the participating products was Gilette razors and I had a $2 off coupon (I think from pgesavers.com) for it so I paid only $1.79 for Daniel's razors! I love saving my Kroger Plus card for the end and watching the total bill for my groceries plummet. It's such a great feeling. I know, how lame is that? But it's a great feeling knowing that you've done well at something that can be measured numerically.
ALSO I found another blog post today about menu planning that totally rocks! She types her menu into her google calendar (which I use ALL the time) she repeats the family faves and emails herself a reminder with a link to the recipe. How cool is that? Genius! I noticed in the comment section that several people used these notepads which are freaking awesome. My method to menu planning: 1) take note of what I still have in my pantry and plan a meal (or two) from what I have on hand. 2) plan two nice meals - this would be something that I haven't made recently and that costs a little bit extra - something like meatball subs, lasagna, enchiladas etc. I often browse through some back issues of recipe magazines 3)plan on making breakfas for dinner one night, usually Sunday night 4) fill in the week with cheap standards like hot dogs, mac & cheese, manwiches etc. If I was super-organized I would check the sales-flyer's first and I would keep a file or something with recipes I want to try, but that really doesn't happen right now.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another day of blog-surfing

Today has been so chilly and I've been blog surfing a big and wanted to share some cool links.
M A V on Flickr
Design*Sponge (love the itchen shot in this post) As someone who loves a good makeover there are some very inspiring before/after posts.
Heart Handmade
SophieG on Fickr
Record the Day a fascinating photoblog unlke anything I've seen yet and her Flickr which is totally fab
Decorology blog & flickr
Some spring inspiration

Sunday, March 29, 2009

an interesting wedding blog

Found this from Simply Bloom's blog it's called GREEN WEDDING SHOES and it is one of the most unique wedding idea blogs I've ever seen! It's lots of fun browsing.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I did it. I created a Twitter account. Seems like a lot of photographers are doing that. And the blog apps/widgets are totally rockin' Click here to see my twitter page. So if you're on twitter do please do drop me a line!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

something cool

Found this online today during commercial breaks on Idol. It's the NotWedding in ATL. This looks like SO much fun!

American Idol - the final 10

Motown night. Hmmmmm. I've been wondering this week about tonight. Will Danny find an instrumental power ballad? Will Adam totally wreck another song? Will Scott pick another awkward "artistic" song?

Matt - oh my goodness! I thought he did such an awesome job. I was sitting there thinking "I hope he gets out from behind the piano sometime" and then he did! He was awesome tonight

Kris- totally amazing!!! He was awesome! I've kind of wondered how long he'd last in this competition but tonight I thought he proved that he has a place here and a shot at maybe winning.

Scott - yeah, not digging it. yaaawn.

I'm going to go pour myself a glass of wine now, wish I had some Ice Cream tonight.

Oh, good grief, would someone please just wake me up when Danny performs? Because Meagan totally tanked tonight. 100% crash and burn, baby.

Anoop still looks uncomfortable, like he doesn't know what to do or where to look. He had some really brilliant moments.

Gotta love Michael - he's such a sweet guy and I really want him to win but he's just not nailing it. Not like some of the other guys. I really hope he makes it another couple weeks and can turn it around.

Adam - what the heck? That's really all you can ever say about him, just this week, with the Elvis hair and everything. He never ceases to surprise.

Danny - he really worked the stage tonight. I'm not a huge fan of Danny anymore, it's just the same every week and not really unique.

YAY for Allison!!! That was AWESOME and totally worth waiting for!!!

My bottom three: Scott, Anoop & Meagan.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another one to bookmark!

SimplyBloom is such an AMAZING blog!! You've just GOT to check out their work. Their use of textures is simply perfect.

today I Iove...

Today I was feeding oatmeal to my little Josiah, he is starting to communicate more and more and it thrills my heart. I can not imagine a sweeter little boy or enjoying being a stay-at-home mom more than I do now. I want to be here for these sweet little moments of normal. It's not a page for the scrapbook and I will probably only remember this moment as part of bigger, vague memory of enjoying breakfasts with the baby.
At the back of my mind there is the thought that it's not always going to be like this. I'm still working hard at studying for my GED and I've started looking into what school(s) I want to apply to and weighing the options of going for a para-pro certification or if I want to go all the way to become a licenced teacher... I'm especially looking into either going to the local technical college or enrolling in Kaplan University - which is 100% online and very appealing.
But today the kids are throwing beachballs around the Living Room, so I'm going to go join them - while I can.

P.S. today I packed a couple of PB&Jellies and we went to the Library where the kids were oh so sweet, although they did knock down a bunch of movies, oh well, at least they helped clean them up! We stopped at the park, it was just too beautiful of a day not to. I strolled the kiddos in my double stroller once around the track and then let them play on the slides. Then they ate their sandwiches in the van while I read a couple picture books to them. Is that not an awesome day?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YAY Kiddos!

Today Beth & Emma participated in their school's Boosterthon fun run to raise money for their school. I was not super-excited about taking the two little ones out twice and spending nearly all day at their school but we ended up having a blast! Both of the girls managed to get through the 30 minute fun run. I was a little bit worried that they were going to be asked to run the entire time but they didn't - instead they had walking laps and high-five laps and buddy laps and skipping laps (I think that was Emma's favorite). My girls participated in this activity in with totally different attitudes my go-getter Beth was very scheduled with her water consumption, every five laps she'd head to the water-table get her cup full of water and walk quickly while she drank it only to break back into a run. Emma spent most of the time sipping water and walking around the track a little bit absentmindedly.

I only had my cell-phone camera with me during Beth's fun run so this is the only pic I have that you can really see what's going on. During both of the races we were dressed completely inappropiately. During Beth's fun run we were shivering cold. So I took the kids home bundled them up an at Emma's fun run we were pulling layers off! So crazy! I brought my camera to Emma's funrun - along with dozens of other parents, it was crazy to see the difference parent turnout between 1st graders an Kindergarteners! There were maybe a dozen 1st grader parents but there were probably four times as many kindergarner parents. It was SO much fun! They played great music, really loud. There was a lot of energy and excitement! I really enjoyed being there.

In the middle of all the loud music Josiah managed to fall asleep!

American Idol - the final 11

Tonight was the night of the underdogs, for sure. I was sick last night so I was passed out on the couch and missed the first four performances. Matt & Anoop were my favorites last nights. Anoop made a strong comeback after his disaster lat week and Simon said that Matt was even better than Danny which I totally agree with. Danny's performance was unsatisfying, Adam's performance was just weird, the girls did just okay. My bottom two would be Scott & Lil Round - we'll see what America thinks tonight!

Results - Well this just goes to show you that anything can happen when America votes. I'm so sorry that Alexis left the competition while Meagan is still there. Not too happy about that. But isn't that what this show's all about?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Publshed again!

Seeing my photography used on someone's website is such a great feeling. It's validating, I guess or something like that. Anyway, my photography is featured in the new jonathanandleighanne.com and for the most part it looks really good. The photos are from my first real photography job! They are really the people who started it all for me. They apperciated my work enough to ask me to photograph them. My reply to Leigh-Anne at the time was something like "just so long as you understand that you might not get anything usable for your website." she said "I think you will." So then about a month later we meet in downown Woodstock and it's raining! So I threw my carefully laid out plan into my camera bag and with Josiah on my hip and my camera in one hand I took this photoset. At the time they were working on their myspace page for their cover-group.
You can also see my photography is use at revive consignment and tea&traditions

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I think I've posted a link to this site before but it bears repeating. Simply Breakfast is simply a goldmine of inspiration! This one is my favorite winter one.
Inspired by this blog I've photographed some of the food in my home too!
Monday's breakfast
Sunday's dinner
yogurt on wholegrain pancakes - SO yummy!!
this warmer weather is the perfect exuse for smoothies!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

more of Camille

Here's more from my photoshoot on Saturday of the lovely Camille. During the shoot I was thinking "what am I doing? I can't do this?" but as I was processing the pics and seeing the results I started to think that yes, maybe I can. That's always such a nice feeling :-)

American Idol - the final 13

WOW! Last night was amazing! It was awesome to see all of those incredible singers all in one show! Here's my thoughts about the singers, in no particular order: Vanessa - she's going to be the first one to go, I'm sure. Jorge or Anoop will probably be the other in the bottom two. I think Kris is adorable. I like his look and I love his spirit. I read in an interview that he's been working as a worship leader for a college ministry and I could totally see that when I watched him perform, he just looked like he ought to be doing a Chris Tomlin song, not Michael Jackson. I honestly hope he doesn't make it, he seemed so uncomfortable with the whole star persona. Michael Sarver is another of my faves. Emma was up when he was performing and she said "Mommy, he's looking at me!" I think he'd be an awesome star but I'm not sure he's got the talent to make it through to the finals. Speaking of finals, Paula pretty much picked her top three last night. In her typical over the top fashion, it seemed like I was hearing "you're going to the finals" and "you'll go a long way in this competition" all night! I think the deal is sealed with Adam. His life is never going to be the same. I just wish they would go ahead and give him a contract and let him exit the show - which would probably be horrible for their ratings, but whatev - but I really don't like his style. One that I'm interested in watching is Danny. I think he's the best out of the three "super-nice guys" I have no idea what kind of songs he'd record. He's kind of been just this inspirational cover-artist, and while I wish him all the best he still needs to prove that he can be something more than the guy who sings the special while they pass the offering plate at church. I really hope Anna Grace goes a long way in the competition. She's really got to work hard to outshine Allison & Lil Rounds but she's always been my favorite chick in the competition.
Beth & Emma watched the first couple performances while Josiah was settling down for the night. During one of the breaks Beth said "Mom, I know what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a judge on American Idol" I was blown away! I mean what kid doesn't want to be on American Idol but to be a judge on the show? That's my Bethypoo!
Okay, and now back to your regular programming :-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Frugaliciousness!

Okay, I promise I won't blog incessantly about groceries :-) But I did want to follow up on my post from the other day. I was able to use both my coupons from cellfire.com and coupons.com saving a total of $6 off of my diaper purchase so I bought a package of Huggies diapers for $4.69! Then I bought some body soap with shampoo for Daniel and I ended up paying only $0.49 for it! How cool is that?! At the end of my receipt it says that I ended up using $12 in coupons and $21 in savings. I've been saving my change in a small coffee can and took it to the coin machine at the grocery store today. I had almost $40 in change to use towards groceries - sweet. I also wanted to mention that those ginormous pails of ice cream are only $2.99 at Kroger. I bought a pail and am thinking about making milkshakes. oh yeah, baby! And goldfish crackers are also on sale, my kids LOVE those!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Hiyas bloggy people! I hope your weekend has been as nice as mine! I got to do a photoshoot on Saturday morning with a girl with a beautiful name - Camille - isn't that nice?! She's not actually getting married she just had the dress so she bought a veil to go with it! We got a lot of comments from people driving by congratulating her etc. How fun! See more here

Then I spent the whole day with the fam! We ate out at Johnny's Pizza (the BOMB!) and had some Italian Ice's at Ritas for the first time this year. I forgot how much I LOVE going there! I get a gelati which is a mix of the ice and the custard - delish!
Today I took the kids out so that Daniel could make calls to set up work for this week. We ended up at WalMart and I bought a new wallet - finally! I've had this one for like ten years and it hasn't zipped closed for a couple of years now. The girls helped me pick it out. ha!

For dinner we did our traditional pancake dinner only tonight ate them with strawberries and pineapple on top. I got out cream cheese and cottage cheese and yogurt too. It was SO good!!
I've got dozens of pics to post but this'll have to do for tonight! L8er

Saturday, March 7, 2009

a little bit of frugaliciousness

So my {AWESOME} sister in-law pointed me to this site: deal seeking mom from that site I was able to print of $5 coupons for Huggies diapers(which if you buy them at Kroger are even cheaper than Luvs!) from coupons.com and a 15% off coupon from Old Navy from that site I clicked over to another site called Southern Saver which specializes in collecting store ads from places we shop at here in the south. A pretty cool place to go to when you're planning out your menu for the week! I also use shortcuts.com to add coupons to my Kroger Plus card and I just signed up for Cellfire.com which does the same thing.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Group of 12 #3

American Idol was SO BORING for me tonight. Good grief, it was like the Oscars - one performance and like ten commrercials! Howver I LOVED Scott and Lil was really a knock-out and while I'd really love for Felicia to make it through and Kendall was adoreable but they probably won't make it. I also actually like Kristen's style & personality but I really wasn't sold on her performace. As strange as this sounds I'd really like to see more of Nathaniel - I couldn't believe how he worked his song and changed up the tempo! Though I think of him every time I see Josiah wearing his sister's headbands and have a little panic attack. (lol - I'll have to take a pic of that sometime) By the way, you can see video clips of performances on the American Idol site - how cool is that? So anyway I guess my top three this week would be Scott, Lil & Nathaniel and my #4 would be Jorge.
Update: Given a little time & thouight I hope that Kendall is the #3 tonight!
Oh and did you know- Dancing with the Stars starts again? I'm such a sucker for this kind of thing!
These pics from last week seem so appropriate for this post! They're of my two littlest kiddos having a screaching contest with the Hannah Montana microphone that Beth got for Christmas! They are really SO adoreable. Josiah will even sing along with some of the songs from High School Musical

Monday, March 2, 2009

Black Bean BROWNIES??

Okay, so today a friend forwarded this site to me and the first thing that came to my attention was this recipe for BLACK BEAN BROWNIES I think I might try this, just for fun.

a new day, a new week

Good morning! I've been off of the computer all weekend. My computer's Internet connection was on the fritz and so on Friday night I kept my computer shut off all night in protest! ha!

So today is the most Monday-ish sort of Monday. My kitchen desperately needs attention, despite the fact that we ate fast food almost all weekend - hmmm. I've got grocery shopping to do. Laundry is spilling out from every crack and crevice of the laundry area and the Living Room looks like a hurricane came through. K-A is watching SuperWhy on TV so I've got just a moment before the crazy day starts.

Friday was Daniel's last day of work - he got laid off. But thankfully he started his new job this morning! That is like a miracle in this economy and in his industry. Hs new job required that he shave off his goatee. He's had facial hair for at least three years so this is a big change. When he came home on Thursday night (when he shaved it off) it was like a different younger person coming home to me! That night we watched "My Best Friend's Girl" it was crazy, and I laughed SO hard, but it was like listening to someone talk about sex for an entire hour!

On Sunday we had SNOW! It came down in huge flakes and my kids went crazy! It only stuck around for a couple of hours and I didn't take even one photo of it (boo hoo) I am SO ready for spring to be here!! I snuggled down on the couch to read my book and fell asleep! Oh well.

Josiah has been nothing short of adorable recently. He's starting to talk more and more. He started saying "what's-up?" I sounds more like "s'up?" it's SO cute! He also has started talking to strangers more and asking to be held by my friends. He waves to everyone we meet and says "hi!" or "bye" depending on if we're heading in or out of a store. He's also into reading now. He brings me books - usually the same one to read over and over. I LOVE IT!! Beth was the same way. Emma & K-A are not too big into reading. I have to practically beg Emma to sit with me to read more than one story at a time. So I'm just loving Josiah's love for reading.

I've got some cute pictures to share from last week but I'll probably post them tonight. Happy Monday!!

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