Thursday, February 19, 2009

what more is there to say?

I don't know why I picked that as the title for today's post. I'm totally brain-fried! I'm wishing that my kids didn't have to go back to school on Monday and wishing that Josiah would just go ahead and take his nap :-)
Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the cutie-patootie Lexie & Dixie. They were kinda hyper but adorable and a good start to advertising that I offer pet photography services. The weather was hideous - rainy and totally gross - but the light on those days is so much easier to work with!

We had a big storm last night so I had to shut the computer off :-( so I mixed myself a drink and watched American Idol. I think results shows are so lame but I actually danced around the room when Alexis Grace made it into the top twelve and I thought Michael did an even better job last night than the night before. My top three were last night's top three! yay!!!

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