Monday, February 16, 2009

one down. four to go

I've got a little pot of (decaf) coffee brewing and I'm about to pop "Nights in Rodanthe" into my computer but I thought I'd pop in to say "hi" to you (like five) blog readers!
Today marked the begining of a week-long break from school for my two oldest kids. I've been looking forward to it for about two weeks now. No reason to get up too early, no hectic race out the door in the morning - for my kids that is - I just wave from the door in my jammies.
Today we were going to do our grocery shopping. I made a little calendar for the fridge with our plans for the week and assigned each of the girls one luch and one dinner which they could help plan for and make. I was excited about it because I'm not really the planner type. Okay, sometimes I plan but I rarely execute... anyway... I'm also really bad about saying "while I'm out" and tagging about three other errands onto my one errand making it take all---freaking---morning!!!!
I forgot how exhausting it is to have all of the kids home all day, or how quickly the day flies by! All in all it was a pretty good day. (besides the screaming and the crying and the throwing things bit - ha!) Beth & I watched "Prince Caspian" together during "nap time" which ended up in K-A & E jumping on their beds, bouncing off the walls screaming. I skipped the whole part in the cave with the white witch and even then Beth (who is seven and will watch anything if you let her) pronounced that it wasn't really a kids movie, but she liked the ending.
So anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and enjoying the kids and the freedom from a school schedule!
Yeah - BTW "Nights in Rhodanthe" wasn't that great. It was a tearjerker for sure and wasn't aweful but it really wasn't what I was hoping for either. Just in case you wanted to know.

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