Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hey! I only have a sec. to write. I'm hittin' the computer before I dash out the door. I've got prints to mail to a client and I'm on my way to my first newborn photoshoot. Today I feel like a professional photographer! Lovin' it!
Yesterday it snowed!! I know that's not a huge deal to many of my readers but it was to me! Here in Atlanta we almost never get snow and yesterday it was like there was fairy dust in the air. It was beautiful!
I ran around town with my two little ones shopping for new flooring for my Living Room. It was great fun!! I took a bunch of pics on my cell phone. We're considering laminate "hardwood". They had some beautiful bamboo stuff I brought home a sample and Daniel did the "kid test" to it and it dented in a second! So we're still going with laminate. Or we might decide that the whole thing is just too freaking expensive and re-carpet...
Okay, well I don't want to be late!! Will post pics soon!
Love ya!

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