Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Y'all! Today has been such a crazy day! Emma went to bed last night with an ear infection and was running a fever today so I took her to the doctor's office where they couldn't even see into her ear because of all the wax! They used the coolest little gadget to get the wax out, it was like a spray bottle with a small catherter type attatchment that fit into her little ear canal. I have never ever seen that much wax come out of any ear! It was awesome gross! So we went to publix and picked up her prescription and some strawberry syrup to make "pink milk" (like in Charlie & Lola) then crashed at home.
While we waited for Beth to come home Daniel finished up the negotiations to replace our van. We bought it used off of which worked out really well. I'm super happy about it.
Tonight we painted hearts on paper to make Valentines Day cards for Grammy and the cousins. When I announced that it was bed time Katie-Abigail said "what about the reindeer?" and I'm thinking whaaaaaat? You see, around Christmastime we had a little crisis in the Raider household. I wasn't raised with the whole Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny thing, so I never did that with my kids either. Friendly strangers would stop my kids in the isles at WalMart to ask if Santa was coming only to be met with blank stares or the ever-factual Beth would reply "Santa's been dead for a long time." yeah, well anyway. This year at their school everybody else seemed to be believing in Santa even their teachers. It was like a crisis of faith for my kids. One day Beth even said "Mom, could you at least put "from Santa" on one of my presents? So yeah, it was just a little bit crazy.
So anyway, tonight I said "how about if Cupid comes instead?" and Katie-Abigail thinks that's just the greatest thing ever so I say "if you go to bed quickly and go to sleep then Cupid will come and put a chocolate under your pillow" Emma & Beth kind of just roll their eyes at me but Katie-Abigail says"I love supid." "It's c-c-c-Cupid, darling." "oh, I love Cupid!" and she went right to sleep!!! (yay!!) How Cute.

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